Sunday, March 27, 2016


 I finally picked up that thick folder labeled 'Present Year Taxes'. This week my mind has been going back to the time centuries ago when I was 17 and filed my first income tax form. My yearly pay was less than $800, and it took about 5 minutes to fill the form out.  It was called the 'Short-Form' and was on an IBM card.  I did get a refund that year.

I continued to file our income tax until I went into business, then I hired a CPA (at the urging of my brother who was a real business man).

If you don't do your own taxes, you probably do not miss the stacks  of Tax forms piled in every Post Office. Well let me tell you, I MISS THEM! Trying to read the instructions for figuring what amount of SS that is taxable, on the computer is a PAIN.

Anyway, I finished, we owe $51.00 that is better than owing $500.  I will smooth the forms out that I have wadded up, squeezed, etc as I faltered thru the process.  It took about 2 hours, should have taken 30 minutes.  But I have to be retrained every year.  I should get someone to do it, but I am too cheap!

We are usually filed by February first, but this year I have been dilitary. 

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 I hope you didn't get the spring snow I have been reading about.
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betty said...

We usually wait to the last minute but filed mid February. Glad you only owe a small amount and that it is done for another year!


Mevely317 said...

We stopped using a CPA (my former employer) some years ago ... it felt sooooo strange and I worried lots that TurboTax didn't know what it was doing. (LOL)
Thankfully, I've gotten past that. Still, there's not an April that goes by I won't recall the stress.
Glad yours is/was a happy conclusion!

Paula said...

What I get back will just go back into expensive medicine which is the reason I'm getting some back. I remember my first year to file in the 50's.


Turbo Tax does the work for us. Hubby will tackle the taxes in the next week or so. Always a relief to have them finished.

Lisa said...

We rush to get ours done as soon as we get our ducks in a row. SO far, we have never had to pay. We hold our breath every year though. We let a tax preparer do ours. HE is a 2nd cousin of mine. He is pretty smart on the newest laws and tricks.

Hope your still doing ok after the surgery.

Rick Watson said...

I finished ours a while back because I was a little concerned we might owe money this year and wanted to save up to pay it on time, but as it turned out, we got a small refund. We were so happy.
I think we're going with Turbo Tax next year.
I know you're glad to have it behind you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you got that job finished and over with. It's always a good thing. Many wait as long as they can to do them especially if they owe money. Others do them early if they are getting a refund. Two things certain in this life and that is death and taxes !