Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Time does not wait, it keeps on ticking

Like Birthdays and Christmas to a kid, it seems like they will never get here, but they always do.  When we started talking about the possibility of a second implant, it seemed far away. Now the time is here.  I have been very careful not to be around crowds, to lower the possibilities of catching something and delaying the surgery.

Then a few days before the surgery I realized I hadn't been careful enough. I have been pretty successful in shaking what ever it was, I wanted NOTHING to delay this surgery.

So the time is here. I may be AWOL for a few days as I recover. We are supposed to be in Durham at the hospital at 6AM on the 23rd.  I am the first surgery of the day. This RV site is a couple hours out, so we will be in a motel tonight (Mar22) so we can be up and "bushy tailed" as my daddy would say.

If you pray, say a prayer for me.  IF not, think some good positive thoughts, I like them too!  The surgery does not worry me, I will be in good hands. Dr. Tucci is experienced. She had no problem missing my brain the last time she was in there, I think the size was insignificant!
You can see on this picture how the wire must penetrate the Cochlear and curve inside it. Note how much like a sea shell it is.

She will make a 1.5"x2" incision behind my right ear and lay the flap back exposing the skull. She will then grind out a 1" bed for the implant, but not penetrating the skull (we hope). Once that is done she will very carefully drill thru the skull near the Cochlear and insert 4 very small wires into the Cochlear.  The Cochlear is like a seashell and the wires must be inserted curving in perfectly.  I don't know how she knows this, how do you see thru a half inch hole? LOL
Of course with me there is no problem with the hair. LOL
The receiver and transmitter is attached with a magnet.

Not for me to worry, she did it last time and it is working very well.  I am anxious to hear with both ears or both Cochleas, since my big ears will only be for decorating or holding glasses (LOL). Once an implant is completed the ear, as it was known is dead.

Nite Shipslog

 If my research is correct the first implnats were done when these were first in production.


betty said...

Will say a prayer! Definitely an interesting procedure and glad the first one worked; I'm sure you'll be glad to hear better with the two ears working with their new implants :)


Unknown said...

I will pray everything goes well. God will guide the surgeons hand through
the surgery. We have all decided to talk and say what we want to say
about you before you can hear what we are saying. hee hee. I remember
you saying after the first surgery you heard Jack Fullbright play his trumpet
If you can find your trumpet maybe you can play us a solo. Looking forward hearing the results.

Mevely317 said...

I try never to miss a chance to chat with 'Mr. God' ... in this case, you're the headliner! (Well you AND your surgeon, that is!)

Jean said...

Thinking of you and praying that all goes well, and you will be up and around soon and hearing much better. You are in good hands. Take care. Jean


Will be thinking about you. Good luck in surgery. You'll be in my prayers.

Lisa said...

I think the whole procedure is really cool. Its sort of bionic looking to me.
Ill be keeping you in my prayers and positive thoughts. Cant wait to hear how it all works out. Don't be gone long. Your one of my favorite bloggers!

Hang in there!

Jackie said...

Praying for you, my friend....

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Praying all goes well and you have a successful 2nd implant.