Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pillows, posture and names (reflections)

Sherry and I differ on pillows. for sleeping I like a thin pillow and she likes a fatter one.  Two pillows are sufficient for a queen size bed, methinks, but Sherry likes four.  She generally goes to bed before I do, and stacks three to use when reading. I think when she quits reading from 1-3 am, one of them goes to the bedside.

WE also have pillows 4 (cushions) on the couch.  They get in my way.  That must be a law, because the last motels we stayed in had 4 pillows per bed.

I wish I could get used to no pillow, but I just can't seem to hack it.  Since I sleep on my back I think it would be good for my posture. I don't like to slump, but I think I am beginning to slump more in my old age.

 Foy Mercer was the only man I have known  who stood erect into his 90's. I admired him, he even looked a little relaxed as he seemed to stand at attention.  He was also the only man I ever knew by the name of Foy.

Different names.  I just wrote an 'atta boy' letter for a guy named 'Athan' I checked thinking I had missed the 'N'.  Athan works at the VA Hospital He has been one of the most helpful people I have met at ANY business. He is one of those guys I just had to tell his superiors what a great job he was doing.

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PS:  This goes along with the mirrors (reflections) entry. Check the Mirrors 'using the rear view ones'(As Myra calls them), how are you doing on posture?  It really does not matter in the large scheme of things, it is just one of my personal concerns.
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betty said...

Good reminder about posture; I know i need to work on it. Hubby and me are the opposite of you and Sherry with pillows. I like flat; he likes a little fluffy. I usually get his "old" pillow when he is ready to get a new one. I don't get it at hotels; there are tons of them on the bed there and all are fluffy; rarely use one when traveling.

Cute reflection pictures :)


Lisa said...

I like a pillow that's soft but will not fold over my face when I sleep on my side. I recently bought one of those Bamboo Pillows. I love it. Its sort of fluffy and really soft. They say these work well on people who grind their teeth at night Like me. So far it works great for that too!

Now Im sleepy.

Unknown said...

I feel the same way about posture I look in the mirror and can't believe
my is awful. I can do better and just get lazy. I like
a big pillow. I will have to get use to changes with age.

Mevely317 said...

How funny ... I was just reading along and instinctively sat up straighter. *Prompt*!
How many years? My parents friends used to compliment them on their daughter's posture ... truth being, I think that was the ONLY thing they could think to say nice about this 'ugly duckling.' LOL!

I'm definitely in Sherry's camp about the 'extra pillows.'
... and in fact, it's a standard (4/per) in our guest rooms. I don't much care for pillows behind my head; rather, I squish them to support my neck.

Color me impressed, you can actually sleep on your back!
Sweet dreams!

Mevely317 said...

Me, again. That's really nice about your taking time to write a letter, complimenting Athan. I hope he hears about it from his superiors!

Rick Watson said...

We are a fat pillow family and on the occasions when we stay in hotels, we often go digging in closets for more pillows. I sleep with one under my knees to take pressure off of them. Sorry Jack, but we're in Sherry's corner on this one.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My posture is not so good anymore. I guess I blame it on sitting at a desk for so many years. Glad you are giving credit where credit is due there. It's always a good thing to let others know how much they are appreciated.