Thursday, March 3, 2016

Father Time

I had forgotten that this past New Years I was thinking the old year is portrayed as an old guy with a long beard. Seems just a year ago he was pictured as a baby in a diaper, that don't work in my brain.  hahaha

The old statement, 'Time Waits for No Man' is an absolute. No matter if you are working, waiting or sleeping the seconds tick by.

Missed opportunities never return. There MAY or MAY NOT be new similar opportunities that come up, but the same one you missed will NEVER return.
(The old statement smell the roses is more important than youth knows.)
I smiled when I wrote that, I think it was the Kingston Trio that sang about the man 'Charlie' who didn't have the correct change to get off the Subway in Boston and he would "Never return, never return, and his fate is still unlearned , Poor old Charlie will ride forever neath the streets of Boston.........."

Anyway like Charlie, something missed, in reference to time, is gone forever. The exact water running under a bridge will never be seen there again, it is on down stream.

A lesson I learned at six year of age. We lived in Burington, NC and had traveled to Shelby, NC to see my brothers and sister who lived there. The road went within 3 miles of where dad's mama lived.  I remember like it was yesterday dad saying as we drove by the turn off to Granny's house, "I should go by and see mama, but we will stop next time."

When we arrived home the phone was ringing, it was dad's youngest brother, "Frank, mama is dying you need to get here as soon as possible,  to see her alive."

Of course we drove back immediately, but daddy never forgave himself for missing that opportunity. 

That was 71 years ago and I still remember it.  I have tried to follow my instincts, if I feel I should say or do something, I still try to do it.

If your inner person says, 'maybe you need to do/say-------' give it every consideration, it might be important to you or someone else.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great post and it's so true ! Never miss an opportunity to tell someone how much you care.

betty said...

Very wise advice, Jack, that we all need to follow, especially for those we haven't see in awhile, need to make sure we do let them know how much we love and care for them.


Lisa said...

Well Said Jack. My Grandmother used to call and tell me to come by sometime, she had something for the baby (my daughter). I only lived 2 blocks from here but I never found the time to visit. When she died, I went to her home and there was a stack of "things" she had been saving to give her grandbaby. I wish so bad that I would have went to visit her more. To late now.

Now I need a tissue

Mevely317 said...

Your daddy's story is heartbreaking, indeed. I lived it, as well.
Back in December 5, 1981 my former hubby and I were set to put on our sparky duds and host his employees' holiday party at the Club. When we got the call from Florida that my father had suffered a heart attack ... but was OK and 'resting comfortably', I elected to stay (in Texas). After all, we'd plane tickets to see them in little more than a week for Christmas.
My father passed away that night, without my ever having a chance to say, "I love you." 34 years later, I'm still beating myself up.

Rick Watson said...

Wow! Good one Jack. I can name that tune in one note.