Friday, August 19, 2016

Flagler Beach, a new spot in Florida for us

We were introduced to the name Flagler when we lived in Key West. The name was prominent. I am sure Mr. Flagler built the rail road to Key West from the Miami area.  It was destroyed by hurricanes and was left to decay. Many places the trestles are still visible as you cross the many bridges in the Keys. Flagler Avenue is one of the main streets in Key West itself.

We had a good trip today, my only problem was at the intersection of I-4 and I-95. Sooooo much construction that the GPS was way off, I was left to follow signs. We made it without incident had a good trip. On  I-95 this lucky guy past. He has found himself a Vette.  Looks like a 60’s model but I am not much at Vette years.

We set up at Bulow RV Resort.  We have had many heavy rain showers lately. Upon getting up this morning Sherry found wet carpet at the slide-out. So I spend some time drying the carpet while telling myself to remember to tilt the coach a little to Port to let the water run away from the slideouts.

We decided to find the beach. I turned South on Dixie Highway (shoulda turned North). It is a beautiful drive, but instead of minutes to the beach it was 1/2hour.

We drove down to Ormond Beach then crossed the inland water way and went north on A1A.   A1A is a great drive. Most of the time you can see the Atlantic Ocean.

Sherry is still nursing her knee so we did not walk on the beach but the shot below is my kinda of mental enjoyment.

Finally we made it to Flagler beach. Nice place, just your normal beach town.  Lisa would probably like it. ;-).  Note the hi-rise. Sonya said her Grandpa used to have a small home on A1A across from the beach.  But that was years ago. Not many small homes across from the beach now.
We are looking forward to two weeks here. We haven't explored this area.

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PS:  About the house hunting. WE are not down. It would have been good to end the search before heading back north. We do have one we will make an offer on before we leave out, it is within budget and has 3BR and 2Baths.  Needs a lot of work.  We won't be hurt too badly if it doesn't work, but it would be good to start 'fixing' something.  LOL
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 And then there was the amphibious cars.....


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad to hear that you haven't given up and have another place in mind. 2 weeks at the beach and a new place to explore sounds like a good place to be. I do love the beach picture. Sorry Sherry still isn't up to walking with you but it's best not to stretch it and just let some healing set in.

Lisa said...

Beach town? Hi rise? You had me a beach! Love the photos and the imagination.
I have a feeling Sherry will be back at it in no time at all. Ill be in clear water florida and taking my first plane ride in september. Alone!
This will also be the first time ever away from Nick. Im scared but excited. So share all the florida pictures you want!
Happy travels

Back Porch Writer said...

Thanks for the mention. I loved seeing the pics. The pic you took of the ocean kinda reminded me of the A1A spot that the house was across from - lots and lots of palm trees though at that time. So much it was shady. A lot different now. Hope we get to see lots more pics. Hoping you find the house soon that suits.

betty said...

Have fun exploring the new area! It looks lovely down there.


Mevely317 said...

Must admit, I had to look up Flagler Beach on the map.

A1A is a great drive! Doesn't seem that long ago, returning from Lauderdale with my mother: It being Easter Sunday and feeling nostalgic, I decided we should enjoy a seafood luncheon in one of those stand-alone, no-frills shanties that overlook the ocean. ... the sort my folks enjoyed in the 50's and 60's.
You think we could find a single, stinkin' shanty? Finally (and uncharacteristically) my sweet mother spoke up and said she'd be delighted with a McDonald's, if I'd just please stop.

Rick Watson said...

That baby looks like a 64 to me but I could be wrong without seeing the front. But I wanted to say that somebody has been taking picture lessons :) These tonight are really good.

shirl72 said...

Things the same in Historic town. Talk with Sherry and she will tell you
about tonight at our Church Family Meeting. I know a place in Belmont
that is free..if you want to try that park. Mark can build a Motor Port.
I am going to stop my volunteer job at Historic House. It is get boring

love from here.....


MY BFF's son just bought a Vette. NICE car. Hope this next sale goes through. Sad to think the pitbull won.