Thursday, August 4, 2016

Okay, we gave Irene and the Pit two weeks..

Reluctantly, we agreed to an extension of the contract for two weeks to give Irene and her Pit time to move. So we're marking time, still not sure if it can be accomplished.

We really would not stick around for the deal, but the house is fits the bill of what we want.  It hurts when you are in a deal and you 'telegraph' the  fact that "WE REALLY WANT THIS!"

But the seller says things were on track, but the deal fell through on a place for her to live in Daytona Beach.  Okay we will 'Just Breathe' (sounds like a book title) and enjoy our life.

Speaking of which, until a few years ago I did not know that the Black Bear was very prevalent in Florida.  The ranger tells us they have a large population here at 'Wekiwa Springs State Park'.  WE haven't seen any. But we did see this dude:
 She is the sister of this guy:
I published a book once called 'Toby's Tales'. I wrote the stories from an idea generated from Paula of Paula's Country Tales. She blogged about a turtle in her back yard in South Texas she had named Toby. I wrote the book and she furnished the sweet (at times)'silly'  poems. i.e. "A Frog in Tennis Shoes'.
 Then we met Mrs Turkey and her Brood. (I am not much of a photographer, I point and shoot):
 The other chicks had scattered ahead.
We are not as fortunate as some in areas of the country that have large wild life in their yards regularly, Sister Shirl even reports them  in Belmont, NC. But I always get a heart check when I see a deer. This is one of the six we saw that day.
It is good when someone remembers the animals, birds and fish that sustained the hearty souls that settled this land.  We still have folk that live off the land, but not as much as in the past. We ran across this monument to those creatures that gave their lives sustaining the men and women that gave us the good life.
Night Shipslog

Silly VW's
The last one is just to remind you guys up North, Last year you had a cold spell.


Lisa said...

Getting into a new house can be teeth grinding. Irene and pit need to haul it! When she decided to sale, she should have been preparing for a quick get out and back up plan. I hate her deal fell through and keep my fingers crossed that you get your house soon.

Its hard to be the nice guy sometimes but hang on.

Back Porch Writer said...

Every real estate sale seems to have a hiccup or surprise of some sort. Hope Irene and the Pit can get to Daytona. You may have to take 'em. lol Love the snowy beetle bug. Cute.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

At least you do have a nice place to wait there. Seeing nature in all her glory is wonderful. I am trying to remember the cold of last winter. We Ohioans just are not used to this much heat and find it hard to take, but I'd rather this than that for sure. 2 weeks will go by in a flash and then we shall see...

betty said...

I was wondering how the house adventure was going. I hope this is the last extension that will have to be done. Meanwhile I would keep my eye out on any other properties coming up to sell. There was a bear reported to be seen in the city up in Prescott a few weeks back. In popular places like shopping center parking lots and a golf course. People thought it was looking for water since the monsoons hadn't hit there yet. Sadly it became too much of a nuisance and for some reason or another they couldn't tranquilize it to relocate it, so they had to put it down.


Mevely317 said...

I, too, woke this morning wondering if THIS was the day you took possession of your new home. Waiting can be soooo hard!

That Club's monument to God's creatures is pretty neat. I, too, am always awed by the sight of a deer.

Woody said...

I hope they get out so you can take possession, I always hated closings when I bought but made sure all contracts included a Vacant Clause that by such and such a date they had to get. sounds like your excited to get in there and make it yours, wishing you the Best of Luck !! you 2 take it easy and enjoy yourselves. Gary & Anna Mae

Rick Watson said...

Jilda has an entrenching shovel in the back of her car that she uses to do turtle rescues. If she comes upon one on a busy road, she stops, puts on her flashers, pops the trunk, grabs the shovel and gets the turtle out of the road.
Once when she was doing that, and an irate driver came up behind her but fortunately a trucker came up in the oncoming lane. He stopped his rig and stepped out to stop traffic in both directions until she shoveled the turtle out of the road.

Paula said...

Woops almost missed this post and you were so nice to mention me, sorry not feeling well these days.


How much longer are irene and the Pit in the picture? Hop they will move out so you can move in.