Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Testing Football helmets in 1912, yeah, things have changed!
(I'm wondering the consequences had they not worked??)

Best Friends and Buddies
Sherry is my best friend. She knows all about me!
Your secrets are buried with your best friend. IT certainly disappoints you when you speak confidentially to a person and soon you hear the ‘word getting around’. It usually only happens once and you choose your post to lean on more carefully.

I lost my best friend Sonny, a few years ago. I mentioned it to the other pall-bearers as we carried the body to its finally resting place beside his loving wife. I said, “Boys, if you ever told Sonny something in confidence, it is in this box.”  It is wonderful in life to have that person you can confide in.
I mentioned in my last blog how much things change, today I was thinking, somethings never change. Character is one of those things.

There are lots of sayings like, “What happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and what is said in this club stays in this club.”
Even at that some folk enjoy juicy gossip too much to ‘follow the rules.’  Not too many years a couple of our politicians got into a ‘drinking match’ on a diplomatic tour and agreed with all in the room. “What happened here stays here.”

The saying did not work. WE must decide in this life, who has CHARACTER and who does not, if you plan to confide in someone. I like to think I can be trusted.

Nite Shipslog
I love this '32 Studebaker


Paula said...

This Studebaker would be a neat car to take out on Sunday. I have my friend Agnes from school who is one I could trust with anything. So great to have someone like her, just wish we lived near each other.


being able to trust someone with a confidence is important , IMHO. LOve that Studebaker. MY godfather used to collect them.

betty said...

I have to keep a lot of things in confidence at my work, so its easy for me to do when someone tells me something and asks me not to spread it around. It does take integrity and character though to be able to do that.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Gossip is a terrible thing. It seems that bad news can travel faster than lightning. I've always tried to live by the principal that if you don't have something good to say, do say it. I've been around too many folks that love to gossip and have found that if I want to keep a secret, I'd better keep it to my self. Even with the best of intentions, secrets are hard to keep. You were blessed by your good friend.and by Sherry too. Not everyone has that.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

meant to say ....IF YOU DON'T have some thing good to say DO NOT, don't say it. I should really read what I say before hitting publish.

shirl72 said...

I don't have anything I need to say for people to keep secret. In my young years I'm sure I did. Funny gossip is not interesting the older we get. I guess we learn to live with everything....

Dar said...

Gossip and little white lies can get one into a heap of trouble. The hurt and disappointment that come along for the ride magnifies it. Personally, I would rather not be told ' a secret.' However, sometimes a confidence with a trustworthy person helps unload a hurt of something dreadful. It's a judgement call.
love n' hugs to a couple of the most trustworthy people I know from up north where, today, the sun shines bright on the pumpkins.

Chatty Crone said...

I was recently betrayed but someone going behind my back - and telling something that was untrue. I still have to work with the gal at church - but you can bet I will be more careful in the future.

When i saw that helmet check I was thinking of the two men who died playing football last week.

Lisa said...

I've always been careful who I tell things too thought even most of them have let me down. I am also guilty and regret of spreading news that I shouldn't have. But in my defense, I didn't know it was a secret! I still hold secrets my friends have told me. Most I have even forgot about. Most of the time when someone says "dont tell nobody but...." I will usually stop them right there and tell them not to tell me.
Nick is my best friends. We have fun talking about people but its kept between us. haha.

Beach bound, maybe.

Mevely317 said...

CHARACTER is sure a precious thing ... but methinks rare. I've put my trust in others too often and felt the sting of betrayal.
Tonight I'm thinking of one dear friend who'd take my secrets to her grave ..... but funny thing, not much comes to mind anymore. After all this time, I guess my life's become an open book.