Sunday, September 3, 2017

Let's go out Singing!

Undeniable Facts of Life :

You are loved when you are born. You will be loved when
you die. In between, you have to manage!

Remember when you wanted someone to clean the house, wash dishes, mow the lawn, clean the gutters, fix the leaky faucet, repair the furnace or A/C... Well Now you have it, It is called Assisted living:

On the last blog I painted a dark a picture of the saying goodbye to your home.  Of course it is a sad thought. BUT if I can keep a bright outlook and remember my worries are now less. I will learn to adjust, because it will probably be my last adventure.

Shirl, Sherry and I are always talking about rooms adjacent in an assisted living home and having fun.  Shirl can play the piano, Sherry can sing and I will play the spoons.  LOL

Does anyone remember an AOL Journal called “Dribbles by Chuck”? He posted his journal from an assisted living center. His first line was, ‘Interpret that nursing home.’ He moved around on a scooter and enjoyed teaching other seniors to operate one.  He was always up beat as he reported the happenings and his own history. His was always a ‘GO TO’ journal.

He taught me a lot.  He had a great attitude.
I have learned there are retired musicians, entertainers who  play the piano sing, joke, and entertain their fellow ‘inmates’. They retain self-worth as well as bringing joy into some of his peers who are losing hope.

So I am trying to psych myself up LIFE goes on, but the stage and circumstances change. No one knows the future, but I don't want to go out as a vegetable.  For us seniors who are honestly nearing that time in life, let’s go out singing and dancing, what do you say?

Ending with a story, we won’t use names like Evelyn and Don, instead Jane and Dick:
Jane had passed away and at the grave side Dick was standing by the pastor. As the coffin was lowered there was a Big flash of lightening and a loud crash of thunder. Dick said to the pastor, 
 “Well pastor, She  made it, it will be tough but He can handle it.!”

Notice I did not use a certain name!................  Love you Evelyn!

Nite Shipslog

PS: Old Chuck planned, knowing he would not live forever. After he passed, his daughter came on Dribbles by Chuck Journal to announce the ‘Chuck had left the building’ She thanked all his friends and followers. We all appreciated his planning.

                        1980 F150  (Think snow! and yes, in the assisted living place, you do not shovel SNOW!)


Chatty Crone said...

You do have a great sense of humor there - I see all those old people and yet inside I know they were young and beautiful once - and I bet they still feel that way - sandie

Mevely317 said...

What a cute idea!
Wouldn't it be grand to share a wing with those we like best? ... Like a geriatric sleep-over.

'Wish I'd have had an opportunity to 'read' Chuck's journal. Yes, I've left strategically placed (LOL) notes containing my passwords for Tom to find. Only this morning I'd an e-mail from a blog friend, informing me that another blogger we follow passed away last evening. That was nice, because I never knew Claudia's last name and might have been left wondering...

betty said...

I knew a lady when we lived in San Diego who she and her husband decided to buy into a retirement type facility where they started out independently living but as they needed to they could go into assisted living then nursing home, etc., as care needs increased. Left their home area in Chicago to be where the temps were a bit nicer. Her husband died a month after they moved out there (not sick before, heart attack). Having sold their home in Chicago to buy into the retirement facility, she knew she had to stay there but she made the best of it. Got involved with a lot of activities the facility offered plus activities through church. Some of the activities were really great ones too; going to see plays or other such events, going out to eat together as a group, etc.

I need to make a list for hubby in the event I pass before him. Since I manage the money, I need to give him passwords to accounts, etc. Along that line, I need to include instructions on how to do a final blog post. I did know who Chuck but didn't read his journal that often.



only one other person i know who plays the spoons. that is my dad. so this brought me delight when i heard you did too.

Paula said...

I remember Chuck well, he was a delight. I always tell my daughter not to put me in a place where they make me play bingo. I want my computer. I like this post especially since I've been worried about grass burrs. lol

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Well, yes, we do have to keep that song in our heart going for sure. I'm not in assisted living yet, but when I moved I made the decision to rent. I am no longer responsible for leaking roof repair or an appliance breakdown...the landlord has to fix it now. At this point in my life it was the easiest way to go.

Lisa said...

Ive always said I want to be like "Betty White" when I get old. I also would rather have a party than a funeral.

Happy Labor Day! Im off to work.

Dar said...

There are a mess of us in my immediate family and we all decided we will have to take up an entire wing of an assisted living facility or stay home and hire in at-home-assisted living as long as possible. We already have a heck of a lot of fun together and I'm hopeful it will continue our lifetime.
You, Sherry and Shirl can join us. Wouldn't that be a hoot!!!
If Chuck is the same fella I remember, who hiked the App trail with you, that young man I miss terribly. He taught me how to read 3 chapters a day in my Bible and finish it in a year. Like you, very genuine with his heart and soul. Like I'd heard once, when I die I want to slide in sideways saying
" That was one hell of a ride.", life lived to the fullest. I do know one thing for certain, God will take me home when He's ready for no worries.
love n' hugs from up north where we had one busy, pleasurable weekend.

UplayOnline said...

Some of the activities were really great ones too; going to see plays or other such events, going out to eat together as a group, etc.

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