Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Headed South soon,

Three women washing clothes in Central Park, NYC 1949 water shortage.
                            (Historical photo)

This has been a sort of pushed summer. WE only make one summer run of about 5 weeks.  The rest of that time was here in the Belmont area.

I helped a little on the small house for Grandson Josh. Announcements of two more Great grands that will arrive and discover America while we are traveling and living in Florida.  WE are looking forward to settling down in our Florida home and installing a screened in porch.  Looking forward to evenings on that porch mosquito free. 

I have a habit of lying to myself that I will sit back there, relax and paint.  I do love to paint in oil or acrylic, mostly landscapes. I also lie to myself and say “I will take a course on writing and painting, one of these days.”  It is sorta to take a course when you seldom settle more than 3-4 weeks at anyone spot.  I am definitely not consistant enough to try some course over the net.

My respect goes to Betty and others who can work at home and be productive on a computer system. I am afraid I would have too many distractions.

I have also thought of assisted living places (Of course 20years from now) wondering if the will allow me to work for room and board? Now I could  handle that.  I might even think of that next year.  LOL

I saw a note on the net yesterday that assisted and nursing home stays can reach $100,000 a year?  WHAT???  Of course that said it was an average of the entire USA. But half that would KNOCK A DENT in Sherry’s budget. LOL (Actually much less would!@!)

We all hope we will pass away in our sleep the day before assisted living is required. LOL

We have some great assisted living places in our area. I have never priced them, but maybe I should give it a check. I do have a sweet first cousin who works at one of the best in the area. Imma thinking next year I will give her a shout and talk about it.  JUST FOR INFORMATION OF COURSE!
WE are heading South as the title says, but I worry. I hear folk talk about things were going great, then they headed South????

Do you lie to yourself?  Do you believe it?  LOL

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Also a historical photo, the 22 millionth Chevrolet.


shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

That was me that deleted comments. I can't type anymore. I could hear you laughing when you read me finding a place to take all my things. Seeing those ladies washing their clothes makes me very thankful for all the things I have that makes my life easy. We are lucky....

Mevely317 said...

Now that you mention it ...
Ya, I lie to myself all the time about getting out and exercising! :)

In all seriousness, I'm worried what I'll do every day when retirement becomes real. Having followed a work schedule for nearly 50 years, I'm not sure how I'm going to manage my days.
'Must look to y'all as an example. (Minus the A.T., that is!!!)

betty said...

Thanks for the shout out! It is self disciplining to sit and work at the computer and some days are better than others; some days I literally have to force myself saying "you won't get up again" until I certain time has passed (usually Fridays).

Congrats on the two new great grands arriving within your family! Always joyous news to hear!

Safe travels as you head south. The snow birds are already arriving here; can tell by traffic being a bit more and their favorite restaurants a bit more crowded.



it'll be quite the change to spend the winter in florida. a screened in porch sounds lovely.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Certainly hope your trip south is figurative not mental! Ha ! I have enclosed sunporch here and it has wall to wall windows with screens. I love it! It's nice to open windows and let the air in without bugs coming in. I can open them all or just one or two as needed. I'm thinking that I'll be able to use this room most all year withe exception of winter.

Chatty Crone said...

Welcome to the hot south! I wish for a tab bit cooler wather myself.

I don't lie to myself.

Or do I?

Lisa said...

I just cant lie to myself without me knowing it.
I'm telling you Jack. You need to start up an "assisted living RV park". Then maybe one day we can be neighbors.


Dar said...

Hey, more babies sweet it is. Congrats. As for lying to myself, I'm human. Need I say more. I love Lisa's idea of an assisted living RV park. It would be full all the time. I'm still passing hints to Bill about a screened in/windowed, 4-season porch like 'MA's' so far, no go.
love n'hugs from up north. Pumpkins get picked, loaded on the car haulers Sat., then parked by the garden for the customers til the end of Oct. There are a bunch of them and are they ever nice, big bright orange orbs.