Monday, September 25, 2017

You are reading Blogs all wrong

Photo from History:
           '''The 1938 tour of the 7 Dwarfs'''

Lately on the internet I assume good articles must be hard to come by. I am learning I have not only gotten old but I have been very ignorant most of my life.  I now have writers who tell me: YOU HAVE BEEN DOING THINGS ALL WRONG!  I keep wanting to know, HOW DO THEY KNOW?

The list amazed me starting a month or so ago there was an article entitled: You are lacing your shoes all wrong.  The next day was an article about how I have tied my shoes all wrong.

The list continued:
You have been peeling eggs wrong.  How do they know?
You have been washing your car WRONG.
You have been cleaning your windows all wrong. (they are wrong ABOUT THAT!)
You have been peeling the orange WRONG!
You have been peeling the banana WRONG!

You are using the straw wrong in your soft drink can.
You have been using the plumber’s friend all wrong!
You have been brushing your teeth WRONG.
You have been eating your cupcake WRONG!

Every one of these I ignored because I was pretty happy with how my mama taught me or how I learned.  Now it did take Paula to tell me how to use a can opener (Now I hear she lost hers. I am pretty sure John doesn’t have it. Ramein Noodles do not require a can opener and cause us boys cannot get them to work anyway!)

Jerry Clower was one of my favorite comedians. When I read all the above I thought of a (real) joke of his.  He said he was invited to a rattlesnake roundup where the snakes were the main dish. Rattlesnake was cooked in all fashions.  His complaint was that some animal rights activists were there to make sure the Rattlers were killed properly. His line was, “How can you kill a rattlesnake wrong?”

Sorry if I offend anyone, but in his presentation it was funny..  To understand it you must be scared out of your socks by a rattler at least once.  I have been!

I do appreciate helpful hints. I have benefited by many of them, even changed my way of doing things because of them. But I did not like the statement 'YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG' sorta insulted me and made fun of mama's teaching.  hahaha

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Mevely317 said...

Oooh ya. I'm skeered just looking at pictures of snakes!

Even after some of her fingers were mangled in a lawnmower snafu, my mother took pride in making sure her nails were always buffed and filed neatly. 50-some years after the fact, I think she was still embarrassed that a stranger on the train informed her she was using her nail file WRONG.
As my DIL would say, "Some people have no filter."

Paula said...

It wasn't a Rattler that scared me, but it was a snake. When I was very young we lived in the country (bet you didn't know that) HA No bathroom, of course. Daddy made a makeshift shower on the side of the house. As I was enjoying mine I saw a snake watching me from the door. I screamed as loud as only a little girl can scream, jumped over the snake stark naked and didn't stop running until I was safely inside the house. Refreshing showers were just not as good after that. I was able to cook today without a can opener. Ham and salad.


Somebody else always has a better way of doing this or that than we do. Or at least they think so. I hate snakes. Never saw a rattler, but crossed paths with a copperhead which is just as lethal.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't like being told I do things wrong either! Probably for different reasons.

Can I show you something I learned or a new way - maybe.

There is no wrong way to kill a rattler tho - I agree!

betty said...

As long as the task gets done, who cares if it is done the "wrong way?" Why fix something that apparently is not broken?


Lisa said...

I have seen every one of those “your doing it wrong” post. I was cutting watermellon wrong, carving pumpkins wrong and putting my makeup on wrong, to add to it. Heck the only thing I knew I was doing wrong was folding sheets. I learned how to do it right the other day.
Your right...”how do they know”?

To doctor today. Hope hes doesnt do it wrong.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems everything we used to do was wrong to some peoples way of thinking. It's amazing we have lived as long as we have and are still talking to tell about it. More and more I'm listening and not speaking because what I say will probably be wrong. Yes some advice is good and changes need be done, but I'm still doing what I've done for ages...right or wrong. It works for me.

Rick Watson said...

I read a novel once and one of the lines in it was "Everything you know is wrong." This would hold true based on your recent Google searches :)

I thought of you today. I did a tour of a manufacturing plant today in my work at the college. Parked outside was a 1961 Ford Galaxy two-door hard top. It looked like it had just rolled off the assembly line. Had I not been late for another appointment, I would have shot a picture for you on the way out.