Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sherry's HS reunion for this year

Why do X's at the end of a letter signify kisses?

Somehow Yesterday I made two entries. I was trying to save one as a draft and sent it right to Blogger without knowing it.  Shucks, I never make mistakes. Well Hardly ever, Okay fairly often, but as time goes on Sherry is getting older and forgets to correct me.  (I gotta blame someone and she forgives easy! (I hope))

We joined Sherry's class tonight for their 61st HS graduation  celebration. I can't believe Sherry and Evelyn were in school with these old people.  They are nice folk, but they are starting to look old. Amazing.

The dinner was at a local Cafeteria, Jackson's.  They have some very good cooking.  I have a feeling they will be replaced in the next year  or so by places like Golden Corral and the Steak house chains.  The cafeteria is run by Mr. Jackson's kids since he and his wife have passed away.  Mr. Jackson was a real business man and his workers and customers really liked him.

My mama made chicken and dumplings. Not many folk do as well as she did but the Jackson recipe is close to mama's.  I was gonna have it, but went with baked fish because I have had too much bread lately.
(Getting this group together for a picture is like herding cats! This photographer is old & fuzzy too!)

Anyway we got to meet old friends and I have ego enough to smile BIG when someone brags on my books. ;-)  Several did tonight.  A plus is my childhood friend Vondale married one of Sherry's classmates, Rose, and they were there.

Another plus was SIL Janet, several sweet nieces and Rose's sister & hubby are up from Live Oak, Florida to avoid the storm and I got to see them and some of the family tonight because they ate at  Jackson's also.

So tonight was a win win, OLD friends and good food.

In the Middle Ages, when many people were unable to read or write, documents were often signed using an X.  Kissing the X represented an oath to fulfill obligations specified in the document. The X and the kiss eventually 
became synonymous.

How about that!

Nite Shipslog

The 1956 Ford, it was brand new when this class graduated.


Paula said...

Congratulations to Sherry and all her classmates. Thanks for the explanation of X's. I didn't know that.

betty said...

I too didn't know about the explanations of the X's. Learned something new tonight! Looked like a great reunion! Glad you two were able to be part of it and reconnect with "old" friends.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

XO, X0...sending some hugs and kisses your way. Good to see all the pictures. Nice to hear too that some people left Florida for safety. I know a few still there and am praying for them and all that choose to stick it out. Good food and good friends are a blessing indeed!

Lisa said...

Cant believe You and Sherry hung out with a bunch of old people! Haha , just kidding. Looks like you guys had a great time. Its always fun to catch up with old friends. Im sure Sherry injoys showing you off and showing everyone her youthful glow. Hope yall took notes because one day you two are gonna be old too ya know.

Keep having fun.

Mevely317 said...

Sherry looks like the prettiest girl in the room!
That's pretty neat, your getting good feedback about your books. (Now those who've not read them are probably curious and want to check them out!)

Sounds like a sweet evening all around!

Jean said...

Glad to hear you had a great time. This reminds me I ask my neighbor and best friend one time( she has passed on now)why she didn't go to the senior building for lunch, she said I don't care to eat with those old folks I'll just cook my own meals. Now she was in her eighties at the time. Lol, sad but that is the way the young and OLD see's us. That is a nice looking bunch and I agree Sherry looks great. Praying for Florida and Texas.


looks like a nice class reunion. glad you had a good time.