Saturday, December 1, 2018


Automobile’s of Art:
 And then there was the Batmobile (A converted Lincoln.)

The here and now:
I have a post already for tonight, then decided it just might not be such a good idea.  I try to stay away from controversial subjects, so I will probably delete it.

We sometimes make statements that are not bad, but some take it seriously the wrong way.  Remember when George H W Bush (May he rest in peace) said, “I do not like broccoli.  Uh oh, the Broccoli growers sent him a truck load of it.  LOL

I understand sweet Barbara accepted the truck load and donated it to a homeless shelter.

If you are a person that ‘cannot stand cats’ it probably is not smart to pick that mountain to die on in a fight on social media.

I made a statement once that I forgot to put the seat down on the commode and Sherry was next in line. She doesn’t care for porcelain, no one prefers that. But a good friend said, “I always sit on the porcelain, mama said it was cleaner.”  Now that was a shocker to me.

I mentioned not caring for ‘black bananas’ once and one lady present said, “You have no idea what you are missing, I love them. My dad would never buy bananas until they turned black. They were cheaper and better.” I did not cave on that one.  If you like ‘em black good on you, but I definitely draw the line after some brown.  Hahahahah.

 I have one son who thinks driving the speed limit is dangerous, you are impeding traffic. Set it on 80 with the flow. (I still do not like speeding over 70!)

I can remember when hardwood was the in thing. Then came wall to wall carpet and it became the THING. Now over the past few years Hardwood is on the rise.

I still prefer carpet to hardwood, even though we are changing to hardwood in the motor home. Our experience is carpet will not withstand directed traffic (an area where everyone takes the same path as they do in an RV).

Opinions are decided on how, where and when your rasin’ took place. I am shocked that people do not like grits. There was a girl in Falmouth, Nova Scotia who thought their ‘Rappi Pie’ was ‘to die for’. We didn’t think so but did not express that to her. (Smile).

I was raised putting salt on all melons and grapefruits, there are folk who think I am ‘not right.’ (I still do it.)

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PS: I was saddened to hear of the death of former President GHW BUSH. The one thing he did as President that I liked and will always respect was when an Ally needed us, he sent the troops in, did the job then brought the troops home.  I wish there had been more like him.


Susan Kane said...

I love your blog and this post.

What was old is new again, my teen gr-daughter told me. She loves to search thrift stores for the old/new styles.

Hard wood to carpet and back to hardwood. I see that on Fixer Uppers with Joanne and Chip Gaines in Waco. they strip off carpet and find hardwood, it's is treasure.

Grits! Salt on watermelon and pepper on cantaloupe--that was the way I was raised.

Lisa said...

Well, I may have just posted a controversal post. Eeek!
I like my bannanas just starting to turn. I do not like them green. But if I make a banana bread, they need to be almost black.
I prefer the seat down and I eat salt on my Watermelon



i like my bananas to be yellow with no brown or black.

betty said...

A great man passed with George H.W. Bush. Truly a legacy he left behind.

We do all have opinions and there are some places on the Internet that they will even pay you for your opinions in the way of surveys (none that I have found that pay a lot of money, LOL).

Now I'm curious about your potential controversial post. Might be fun to see what it could be. It might not be as controversial as you think.

I like my "nana's" (as the wee one pronounces them) a bit firm, just a touch of green left on the skin.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Just about any thing can quickly become controversial these days. I do take care and try to stay away from those things on the internet. Everyone firmly believes that there opinions are the best. Yes hardwood is very popular these days. Most of my children have it on their floors, except for bedrooms. Then it is still acceptable. I love carpet and have it on every floor here except the bathroom and kitchen and I love it. I didn't really get a choice, but turned out for the best as far as I'm concerned. As I drove into my community here today, I did see they had the flag flying at half mast for President Bush. May he rest in peace.

Mevely317 said...

Truth! I remember the times I'd declare "I HATE" something or another; my mother was quick to remind me, "You don't hate." Always the lady, she had a sweet way of saying, "I'm not fond of …"
Were everyone so fortunate to have a curb on his/her tongue! Meanwhile, I keep on blundering along, trying to keep my big foot out of my mouth.

Dar said...

These days it seems everyone is offended by everything said or done. Times have changed. I'd like to go back to the days of playing outside til dark without worrying about getting attacked, or eating what suits me without criticism of ' it's gonna kill ya ' comments..and yes, salt on my watermelon, sugar on my tomatoes and pepper on everything. Life is delicious if we let it be. Mayo on your peanut butter sandwich anyone? lol A HUGE Salute to GHW BUSH, and his family.
love n' hugs from up north where it snowed, rained, snowed and now a chance of floods to our could get 'iffy' around here. Have a great week!