Friday, May 24, 2019

Maybe not now, But You will appreciate this later.

Early Sweet Cars
 1949 Ford Custom, a beautiful car

And now:

“You all may upset you now, but later you will appreciate it.” A quote by one of our fellow bloggers when trying to get a family together for a ‘family photo.’

I am thinking about Rick’s comment concerning a gathering he attended and was trying to ‘shoot a memory’ for people like me who cannot think into the future too well.

I have a few hints and suggestions from Rick concerning writing. I have saved them and was just reviewing them a few moments ago. Some are simple, but to the point.

The POINT: A statement he made about an impromptu photo shoot at a family gathering he was attending, as he tried to get people together for a picture of that moment. Not everyone was ready or wanted to take the time.Seeing this photo of our family, that came back to me. 

This was taken by a former daughter in law Carol, when we flew the family out to Utah to see Grandson Ben and his daughter Elsie. Carol insisted we line up at this lake we were enjoying just before our flight back. And YES Rick, I do appreciate the fact someone insisted we gather for the photo.

Another was this one, insisted on by granddaughter Sherece at one of her Birthday parties.

I am very proud of these and more, where many times I thought, let’s do it later. (Not a good idea, now is better)

I never like it when I am wrong, but I do like it when someone is right.

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PS: At times I think we have millions of pictures, but I love to take some time just to go thru them. Some of them are becoming antiques......


Mevely317 said...

… yes, and isn't that Shirl on the front row? Sweet.
I know today's young people catch some 'flack' with all their cell phone photos and videos. All the same, I wish my parents had taken more pictures. That goes double for my grandparents, and theirs.

Chatty Crone said...

Jack there is no one in the world that hates her picture taken anytime at all. Ready or not. But I do it - to have it for the family! Good idea. Happy Memorial Day and thank you for your service. sandie

Glenda said...

That photo is the one I most cherish; your family posed together in an awesome setting. You and Sherry have created a life, and a legacy....and this one is both.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What wonderful photos of your family. Like you, I love to take them and look back at the memories. Time flies but the pictures freeze the moment for us to look back on and enjoy again and again. Memories like those cannot be replaced.

betty said...

I need to take more pictures of us together. I don't like my picture taken but I know its the way to "preserve" us when we are no longer here. Good reminder to do so! Great pictures of your family!