Friday, May 10, 2019

The Woman factor

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There are things done by women married and living alone, that I learn and am amazed.  I mentioned moving a concrete planter around and hurting my back a little. I know for a fact my sister moved these things around. There are at least 4 pieces over a hundred pounds that she moved, bird baths and planters.

I was deployed, and we had a small rental house. My Sherry once had to evict a family from it. She also had to get our furniture packed to be sent to GITMO. In addition she had to make sure the kids were schooled, shots up to date for travel and our car shipped also. I admired her for that.

Her sister in law handled the same thing with 4 kids to Okinawa.  If you have been here awhile or on FB you know Ora. Her hubby was a Chaplain in Vietnam. She also had to arrange transportation for her and her new born to Okinawa. Her tales are both scary and hilarious.

What I am saying is military men have a tough job, but the dependents also have it tough in the separations, deployments and moves.

Mother’s day is coming up. It is a good day to appreciate mothers, but I have been thinking more and more lately. It is the perfect day to APPRECIATE WOMEN. Not all women are mothers, BUT everyone has had a mother. My sister Kat was a wonderful mother. My sister Shirl never had a child of her own. She reached a point she did not attend church on Mother’s Day.

There have been women who suffered tough pregnancies and never enjoyed the time as a mother, because the child(ren) were miscarried or died in infancy. They also should be honored.

Women are the most important creature God created. Just looking at my girl, that is plain logic. I just don't think Adam would have been as happy with just a Beagle or Cocker Spaniel.

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PS  : Did I read that headline correctly?
War Dims Hope for Peace

(I can see where it might have that effect!)


NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful, sentimental post, Jack. You write through the eyes of love fostered in you by the women you love. Wonderful post. LOL about the War Dims Hope----Hugs to you and Sherry. Diana

Glenda said...

This is a most thoughtful post, you expressed sentiments that are so true. Happy Mother's Day to sweetest Sherry!!!

Lisa said...

This is good Jack. I have always wanted to have words for those that suffer during Mothers Day because either they Can't be a mother or have lost theirs. There is one thing for sure, Everyone has or has had a mother weather they know her or not.
Everyone will loose a Mother if the Mother doesn't loose them first. It goes both ways and either way, she should be honored.

In Thinking mode

betty said...

Totally enjoyed reading this, Jack. So true that all women should be honored on Women's Day, change it from Mother's Day and same for men "Men's Day" instead of Father's Day. Mother's Day and conversely Father's Day are hard for those that can't be parents but want to be parents or for those who have lost their parent. I have a friend who recently lost her mom within the last month. I told her to stay home this Mother's Day (she doesn't have kids) and not bother to go out.

Hubby's parents were stationed in Nova Scotia when his brother was born so they had the experience of bringing home a newborn of 6 weeks old when they left there to return to the new assignment in the states. MIL talked about her adventures in Nova Scotia, it was hard up there. You are right, dependents of those in the military deal with lots of issues. My hats off to Sherry!


bobbie said...

Beautiful post, Jack!
Hugs ~

Chatty Crone said...

I like you appreciate women - we are tough and can accomplish a lot.

Mevely317 said...

Wow on Sherry's accomplishments! Now I feel like a total zero. (JK!) Seriously, I expect most anything can be accomplished when your back's up against the wall. I LOVE the heart of this message. As Betty pointed out, both Mothers and Fathers Days can be really painful. What a shame that those suffering are expected to 'suck it up.'

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are blessed to have had and have some wonderful women in your life and your Sherry is one special gal for sure ! Thank you for your tribute to all women whether they are Mothers or not. I've always thought that behind ever successful man, there is a good woman.

Dar said...

Thank You for acknowledging all women. As important as Mother's Day is to most mothers, it is difficult for those unable to bear their own children in particular, especially if it had been a dream of theirs. It's wonderful how dedicated you've been to the women in your life. Your love and respect shows.
My lil' sis and I were just talking about this very thing and also about how she not only had to get her womens work done, but also her men's work, since her husband passed on and they had no children. She said, think now, what you would do if my man ever passed on. Who would be here to help me out~ yes, I have sons, but then, they live far away....then what. Thanks again Jack, for caring about women enough to acknowledge ALL of us.
love n' hugs from up north where I wish Sherry the Happiest Mother's Day as you celebrate with her.


happy mothers day to your lovely wife. i just got back from my fathers funeral on the east coast so i'm behind on my blog reading and commenting.