Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Eye sight

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Friend Bill  who  belongs to Dar up in the North woods, has had a terrible time with his 'shooting eye,'  many, many trips to the Doctor!

How is your eye sight? Did I mention here on the blog I met a new friend, Billy. He is blind. In the course of our conversation I asked about his blindness. He said he lost his sight during heart surgery when his blood pressure dropped too low. 

A few years ago my sight was fading. I was already using bifocal glasses. I started seeing ‘halos’ around street lights at night. Sherry and I went to an eye doctor and he checked my eyes and ordered glasses.

When I went in to get the glasses the nurse put them on me and asked if anything was better? I frowned. I hate to send things back or return things to a store. So I hated to say, these are terrible. So I just said something doesn’t feel right.

She smiled saying, “That is what the doctor is concerned about. He was not completely sure, but now you have verified his feeling, you need cataract surgery. There is no charge for the glasses, but his recommendation is do it as soon as you can.”

I did, and my sight was great for years. BUT now, I am needing reading glasses again. I haven’t checked, but am wondering if they can replace the manmade lenses they inserted?

I am again at the point of halos around lights at night so I drive seldom at night. And for me, night and rain are a dangerous mix. Too many reflections and distractions to drive safely.

One of the highlights of our lives was having dinner with Bill Irwin, famous for being the only blind man to ever thruhike the Appalachian Trail. He was a Joy to meet and was then an international motivational speaker.

But it is wonderful what they can do for healthy eyes with the cataract surgery. Have you ever heard of a situation like my new friend Billy?

By the way, how is your eyesight?

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betty said...

I would imagine Billy might have suffered a stroke during surgery and that could have caused the blindness? That is a good question about replacing the man made lens. You think there could be technology for that especially since people are living longer. I wonder what the average life of a man made lens is. I have to say in all my years of typing I've never typed a redo on cataract surgery, other surgeries but not that one.

I have always had terrible night vision so I haven't driven much at night in years. I do need to go in and get my eyes checked. Two years ago was the last time. Only 1% cataract then but I don't think the guy did a great job on my lens prescription. So we'll see. Its on my agenda for the next few weeks to make an appointment.


Glenda said...

A recent eye exam revealed a forming cataract, too soon to treat. But I did a bit of research and found this: "Many people are thrilled with their brighter, clearer vision after cataract surgery and then one day they start to notice that they are not seeing as well as they did after surgery. Is it just old age? Or can cataract grow back? No, cataracts cannot grow back. However, sometimes after successful cataract surgery, the natural capsule that is left behind becomes cloudy. This causes the vision to become blurry again, much like it was before cataract surgery. It occurs in over 30 percent of patients, and can be soon after surgery or many years later." [It is a condition that can be treated.] "This cloudy capsule can be corrected quickly, without needles or stitches, using a simple laser procedure called a YAG Laser Capsulotomy." You might check with your eye doc. Hugs, Glenda

Chatty Crone said...

So many brave people in the world. I think in a couple of years I will have to have cataract surgery as well.

Mevely317 said...

No!, I never heard of someone losing their eyesight from BP dropping too low. So they fixed his heart, but destroyed his sight? What a blow!

At my last exam, the new doctor concurred (that) I'm developing cataracts, but said they're too minor to concern myself with at this point. So, of course, I catch myself trying to slap away flying black bugs ….that aren't bugs at all. I don't know if it's the glare or what, but I'm loathe to drive after dark for not being able to discern shapes, etc. I've scared Tom a couple times, and he says, "You're not allowed." But now, HE's struggling and almost missed a turn a few weeks ago.

Lisa said...

I feel like my eye sight gets worst every day. I now have to always rely on reading glasses. This past year I got prescription readers and a pair of transition lenses. They are like bi focals without the line. I still have not gotten used to them.
I would love to have the laser surgery to correct them but glasses are cheaper.

Sight would be the last sense I would want to ever loose.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I never drive at night and have problems for sure so will sooner or later have to have that surgery too. Many say that they do have to still wear glasses after it, but can see so much better than before. I don't know much except from what I've been told by others. It is worth checking with your doctor though, It never hurts to ask a question.

Dar said...

Bill hasn't had more than annual check-ups now that he's gone totally blind in his 'shootin' eye.' It's amazing how his good eye has compensated. He doesn't like to night drive anymore tho, but that's ok. I, however, had my first bad experience just Wed. with bad vision issues due to low glucose reading. It scared the daylights out of me as we were in the far end of Walmart. I barely made it to the truck, took a reading, then directly to get orange juice. I also have a cataract that will be tended to in another year, as well as those floaters like Glenda has, ( black bugs ). At least those can be blinked away usually. So it goes as we age. Good luck with your vision. I wonder too, if your vision can be further helped.
love n' hugs from up north where it's good to be back home