Tuesday, April 30, 2019

An empty drawer

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Preamble: Thanks for all the nice comments on my dad.  He was well liked, and an humble man. I just received an e-mail from Rita out in Tennessee saying how much she enjoyed reading about dad. I love it. God is Good!
For today, space:
Do you have the luxury of an empty drawer in your home? When we moved out of this house into a motor home many years ago there were NO empty drawers. We had no idea we would be gone 20+ years.

Right now the closets are only half full! and I can count at least 10 empty drawers.  Try to imagine that if you can!  LOL 

I would venture to say if we live here at least a year every drawer will have something in them. Some will be full. We humans are like that. Many of us have storage places outside our home that takes care of the overflow.

I heard a statement Sunday I won’t soon forget. “We are born, we Live, we die and then someone will go thru our stuff!” My sweet sister Shirl was obsessed with that idea of “Why do I have all this ‘sh-t’, I don’t want anyone going thru my stuff. I am going to get rid of it.”  Like 99% of us humans she knew she could do that tomorrow, but time ran out.

Living in a motor home sorta limits the accumulation. Most RV’ers have loaded their RVs to the point it is a rule: When something new comes in, something else must go out. LOL

Me and you, had just better prepare for it, most likely someone will go thru our ‘STUFF’.

Shirl did have  notes attached to some things. Her pictures, which were many, had notes attached. These can be shredded, everyone interested has copies.

What will remove us from this earth may be silently working to that end now, so if you need to destroy or sell something, just do it.  LOL

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PS: Did I read that sign right?
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Glenda said...

Great advice! Like a lot of people, I've acquired way too much stuff. It's definitely time for setting goals to unclutter my little world!!!

betty said...

Its so true, if one has a little bit of extra space, they are going to try to find something to fill up that space with. That is so true that we accumulate stuff that others will have to go through when we are no longer walking on this earth. That is why as fascinating as they are to go to, it is also sad to go to estate sales because you see what someone once treasured and now no one in the family wants it. I'm a stickler with this, but I labeled all pictures we had so family after me will know who is in the picture. We shred tons of pictures from hubby's parents because we didn't know they were and it seemed a bit silly to keep the pictures if there was no one that could help us identify who was in them.


Lisa said...

Good advice. I like the idea of having notes attached to things. Nicks father did that but his notes were what belongs to who. haha. There was never a fuss.
I'm always throwing stuff away. I don't like the idea of keeping things you don't need or use. I have all my photos in a vintage suitcase. My daughter loves to go through them sometimes.

"If someone goes through my drawers I hope they are clean". hahaha

Mevely317 said...

Gosh but this resonates. And yep, what's that they say about 'nature abhors a void'? (Maybe that's a vacuum. I dunno.) Anyway, despite our great intentions when leaving Arizona, there's no empty drawers here.

Yours is good advice about purging that which needs purging. For instance: I've two large bankers boxes full of old scrapbooks -- photos and mementos from my life with the former hubby and his kids and grands. He's deceased and I've had no contact with them in more than a decade. Because I can't bear to part with them, maybe I should simply print in large magic marker, "If you see this, please destroy."

Rick Watson said...

It’s true. When my mom died, my sisters and I went through her stuff. We gave a lot of her things to the Mission of Hope which is a charity that helps those less fortunate.
But we found many things I know my mom would have wished she’d thrown away.

Dar said...

Before I knew it, the house was filled with mementos, photos, so much that no one will ever have need or use for. Time to unload. Another garage sale this spring will take care of some of it but the rest will be donated either to the kids that want it or off to Christian Mission for the needy.
love n' hugs from up north where we just returned home from a 3 day respite, life is good and rested.