Monday, April 15, 2019

Still awaiting an answer from the city

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I went into the Zoning and planning office and this time talked to the boss. I took time to explain what we wanted. She has an appointment to talk to the City Attorney next week, I should know something by the weekend.
I just wanted to yell, ‘It ain’t that complicated, a simple go ahead and submit the paperwork’ is all that is needed.

I did learn a ‘startling fact’, my water and sewer taps that did cost $1000 each and now close to $4000 each. I am hoping to get Sherece in the house for less than $100k, and this doesn’t help. LOL We may have to cut the house sqft own a bit, but I do like the 1 ½ story house.

I won't complain to the city because I like my neighbor. He is a recluse. They would condemn both houses, one is falling down and the other will be falling in a couple years. Jim was a famous local. Starred in a couple movies, lead singer and guitarist in Florida’s biggest Rock-n-roll group in the 50-60s era. He is in the ‘Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame.’

I have offered him $30K on a lot across the street and also $50K for this house:

He abandoned the above house and moved into this house.
 He painted the blue house with a 2” brush. I like Jim. I really want to use his houses to challenge the new ½ million $ value assigned to our condos next door, but it would hurt Jim, I can't do it.  I always thought it would be nice to be a millionaire, but not this way! LOL

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Mevely317 said...

What a dilemma! It's so refreshing to know builders with hearts still exist. Don't you dare let the bureaucrats get your goat. OK? OK!

betty said...

I guess everything has gone up over the years. Hoping you can keep the costs down and keep the plans you guys want for the house.


Lisa said...

Good luck dealing with the city. I’m not sure about your town but in my town, the city drags their heels on everything. Takes forever to get approvals and then they put so many demands on the builders or remodelers that they simply can’t meet them. Thats why you see so many dilapidated buildings around here. BUT, go a couple miles down the road and they will let you build a shopping center over a swamp! Nick says it’s all in “who you know and who your name is”....

Heading to work now

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They do say all good things come to those who wait, So I'm hoping this waiting time is a good sign for you. Waiting is not easy, ever, but hopefully the results will be worth the wait.

Dar said...

Just a thought, Jack about Jim's blue house. It already has utilities like water access, electric, sewer, I assume. What about taking that house, restoring it for Sherese.? Bring it up to code and perhaps it wouldn't hurt anyone, you'd have dependable neighbors ta boot! Just a thought. I don't envy you the city's stalling and pray they don't slap you with unreasonable demands.
love n' hugs from our sunny, warm north. There's still snow on the ground but it's melting, melting, melting. We are pumped~

Susan Kane said...

what a kind man you are! Dealing with city and regulations is not easy ever. Hopefully one will see the future.

These would be great homes to bring up into the liveable state.

Bless you.

How did the waffle debacle turn out?