Friday, April 19, 2019

Cats and strange happenings on our porch while we sleep!

Early Japanese Cars

 1936 Toyota Sedan

For today:
I have been doing a little research on cats. As a boy sleeping outside a lot I have heard cats screaming at night. Just reading I learned that the mating of cats is VERY painful for the female. They go into detail and I can only imagine the pain of the female. . I have seen cats act crazy. The info I read says she will roll and jump for up to 7 minutes trying to relieve the pain.
The Tom bites her on the neck to hold her down during the act. The reason I was checking was damage to Stormy D’s neck. Two bad spots. I was wondering how soon she could be impregnated after her litter.
My neighbor says there are times the Toms will kill the litter to make her go into heat sooner.
Our trail camera has picked up some interesting stuff that occurs on our porch during the night. I used 5 second movies last night. Two yellow Toms, one big dog (twice), and the very thing I have been wondering about, two Raccoons. I was wondering because many mornings the drinking water is dirty.  The only reason I could think of was Raccoons washing their food or hands.
 Below is 5 second videos The end of the porch they came from would be a 5' jump. (Hope they work never tried videos before)

Those two are fat and can jump up the 5’ on the lower side of the porch with ease.

This is looking off our deck toward where we hope to build Sherece a home. I am pointing the trail camera that way tonight to see if I can catch the deer that pass through.
Sherece will own part of this play area where we had her HS Graduation party.

Of course here is our previous home. I go in every day just to let her know she is not forgotten. LOL  

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PS:   Did I read that sign right?



betty said...

Those are mighty "healthy" raccoons! Cute to see them though, but wouldn't want to see them in person, i.e., be outside when they were around. Lovely place for Shereece's home! I'm sure your motor home will never be forgotten! I'm sure you and Sherry are thinking of future adventures with it and hopefully soon!


Glenda said...

Yep, video caught your visitors! The pics are lovely. Happy Easter to you and yours. Hugs from Chobee...Glenda

Lisa said...

I have never heard that about the tom cat killing a litter to make the female go into heat sooner. But I have heard the cat mating is uncomfortable to the female cat. Animal habits can be interesting.
Hope you see some deer in the next video.

Hunkered down her in stormy gtown

Mevely317 said...

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a 'cat person', but this info is just heartbreaking.
Your backyard is absolutely lovely; I'd be inclined to sit there all day! That is, if y'all aren't being blown this way and that from the storms. Thought for sure last night we were going to get whalloped.

Woody said...

Those are Fat Racoons, Looks like they been Fed pretty good ! Finally our first good 70+ degree afternoon for a couple hours !!!! Have a Great Easter Day ! God Bless, Gary & Anna Mae

Rick Watson said...

Those raccoons need to be on a diet. They look cute, but the kill our chickens. I’m not a fan. I would never intentionally hurt one but I have trapped and relocated a few.

My Tata's Cottage said...

Oh those raccoons! They are so ornery! We had one come up on the patio years ago when we lived near the local park with a large lake. It was a bully of sorts and went at my husband with a meanness in its face! It was huge so they must all have a food connection. They are something. My friend was humanely trapping feral cats to spay and neuter them and she caught a raccoon! She said it was mad as a hornet! Fortunately it wanted food so she set out some food, opened that cage and ran for her life! Our cats have always been spayed and neutered but I feel badly for the wild ones I see roaming the streets looking for food and water. Our big cat is afraid of his own shadow so we have never worried about him getting outdoors!
ALays love seeing the cars you share. Have a great weekend!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those raccoons in the video certainly look well fed. When I lived at the old house there were some cat fights out on our porch, my goodness they sure can be noisy. Here we don't have any cats running loose, I don't miss that at all. When I had cats they lived in the house and were also neutered so had no worries there. You have some lovely property there. Nice view from your porch.

Dar said...

Raccoons are disease carriers so be aware. If healthy, they only come out during the night, if seen in the day looking groggy and mean, beware. They most likely are rabid. The best way to deter them is to take all food sources inside at night. Stormy is getting plenty to eat as you and others feed her when you see her. Just be cautious. Your yard is so lovely. I can't wait til you see deer crossing. It's a pretty sight.
love n' hugs on this beautiful warm Easter weekend. God Bless


i agree. beware of the raccoons. stormy could catch rabies.