Sunday, April 21, 2019

Men who formed my life

Early Japanese Cars
 1933 Datsun (I just noticed the steering wheel, the British influence more than USA!)
For today:
As we grow older, and hence wiser, we slowly realize that: 
There are people who make your life what it is, or change your direction. I will miss many but here goes. Men in my life.
Luke Tucker. My mentor in the building industry. Luke built beautiful homes. He started in a cotton mill doing maintenance and repairs. He became a General contractor Building homes and businesses. He was the first entrepreneur I ever knew. I would wager Luke never cut a customer short nor misrepresented one thing.
Garland Page.. The father of friends who knew how to make you feel good about yourself.
VonDale Tucker..(son of Luke above) A real friend from childhood. He was an entrepreneur from his youth. After many starts, he did chose to raise chickens, he was successful. 
Richard (Buddy) Sansbury.. I knew him only a few years in my teens. A steady guy, fast with a quip or his fists. Someone you would want to have your back. Still I enjoy calling him a friend.
DS2 Frank Malanowski.  A shipmate and friend on the USS Independence. One of the most solid guys you could meet. Aboard ship mail is important. His extra job in OZ Division was Mail Petty Officer. He brought me all of Sherry’s letters. Life makes strange turns. Frank was successful in the civilian electronics theater and most ‘neat’ is now a Proto Deacon in the Orthodox Church and lives in Deltona, Florida. We rehashed some of our Ship board memories. It was a joy to see him as an 'old man.' Before life moved us.

Bub & Jim Page..  Sons of Garland above. These boys knew how to work, and did work. I learned ‘steady’ from them. They worked hard and played hard and never shirked their Chores.

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PS: Did I read that sign right?
In a Laundromat:


Mevely317 said...

I started to say, they sure don't make men like this anymore. Then I remembered my son. (*smile*) It feels good to read this, Jack. So good, in fact, I'm thinking I should compile a list of my own.



Susan Kane said...

Great fellows to call friends remain strong in the mind.

Happy Easter, and may God bless you both.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How wonderful you had such good men in your life. The people we know do shape our lives and for the most part they are hope they are good ones. There have been some that weren't so good in my life, but they still taught me some valuable lessons in as how I did not want to be. Good to give tribute to the good ones for sure ! Hope you all had a happy Easter !

Dar said...

Hope you had a most gorgeous Easter Sunday. It was lovely at the farm.
There are also so many that have helped me 'grow' older and wiser. This was an inspiration. Those that mean so much should be recognized. You are a grateful man. Did you know that your genuineness has rubbed off some and I thank you. I know not to judge without walking in another's shoes and how to find a piece of good in every day.
love n' hugs from our rainy north but it is warming up.