Tuesday, April 16, 2019

At times I am missing the full story

Trucks of Art
 Ending the Truck series with a German Kampcar

For today:
An article by Luo, begins like this:
April 10, 2019
Last month,....Usually, in the morning, I skim e-mail newsletters in my in-box, scroll through my Twitter feed, and peruse the news apps on my phone; later, in the office, I tap through my notifications and monitor more than a dozen news-related apps, including Facebook and Twitter, while juggling other tasks. I usually feel as though I’m managing to stay abreast of the day’s biggest news stories, but my reading tends to be fragmentary—I’m only skimming a story or absorbing a partial update. Although I’m reading more than ever before, it often feels like I’m understanding less.
**** end of quote
I do not 9-5 or 6-6 any longer, that is a given. Many of the people who read this blog work. Unless you have a computer where you work, it is hard to keep up and comment, etc.

Then you have folk like my sweetheart who ‘lurks’ a lot and seldom engages on social media. When I ran a small company I am not sure I could have fit blogging and interacting on social media into my schedule. I do admire you that can. If I were still a small business owner and used this slow system, I would probably not be here.

At my age I do not tweet nor messenger. I am seldom on FB. I get wrapped up when I am there. FB can steal my day, so I actually do stay away.

I do enjoy everything my Sherry gets excited about concerning the family. Last it was the twins’ families. Josh holding Rosemary and Jude playing the drums.
This is the ‘nite before’ and I am sleepy, so good night!..

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Glenda said...

So I went to work yesterday at noon, thinking it was Tuesday [my hours vary daily] completed a six hour shift, then realized differently and drove back to work until midnight if needed. It was then my supervisor made me aware that I was a day ahead.....wow! Been too much going on in my world, 'cause I just know I'm not losing my mind!

betty said...

Its sometimes hard to juggle to get it all done with the various places I want to be on social media. That's why I know I have no time for Twitter or Pinterest and barely time for Instagram. I do like still blogging and that's where I seem to spend the majority of my time when online :)


Lisa said...

I work 9-5, Read Facebook, sometimes Tweet, on Instagram promoting brands as an ambassador or influencer, and I Blog.
It's the 9-5 I hate but none of the others pay as well.

From the work desk.

Susan Kane said...

Doing it all grew to be too much.

Now I do things that always relate to my family.

But, blogging. Blogging I love. Connect with some great people, like you.
Writing is the main part about blogging that I truly love. Have absolutely no goal of a book, just my stories.

Again, have you and the misses resolved waffles?

Mevely317 said...

Belated thanks … for being so understanding! While working, I still strived to comment on several blogs … but, yes. It sometimes came at a price: Tom sitting in the living room alone while I sat in the bedroom at the computer. Happily, since retirement I've expanded my little circle of good friends. But I still like to keep my list like the sign at express check-out: 12 items or less!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

When I started blogging I was working. But all the kids had left home, so I felt like I had a lot of time on my hands, for probably the first time in my life. Working full time and taking care of the family and the house left little time for anything else but when suddenly I was the only one there, I had lots of extra time. Blogging is one thing I love and hope to keep up with too. Certainly would miss the many friends I've made, like you.

Dar said...

About the only socializing I do on my pc is 'reading' and commenting on a couple blogs, answer a couple emails, very little shopping, Bill does more of that for parts for his many ' projects ' but otherwise, just too busy with family favors. At present, I'm altering a First Communion dress that's like a wedding dress, train and all. Things like that and gardening take up my days.
I rather like the slower pace now that the kids are grown and gone. I do love their visits with the many grandloves we have tho. Life is Sweet.
love n' hugs to you and sweet Sherry from our home to yours. It's raining. That should take care of the rest of our snowbanks and there are lots.


social media does take up alot of time. but the advantages outweigh the negatives for me.