Friday, April 12, 2019

Not a landlord and Stormy D

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 1951 Ford 1/4 ton pickup!

I put the Home for Children entry on FB also. Some asked where they could donate. There is a donate button here:
The entry was not for donations, but of course they can use them.

I have a riding lawn mower which is broken. I have three push lawn mowers, one works good. When I cut grass I also cut the neighbors grass.  I try to finish before anyone gets home. Today he drove in as I was finishing and thanked me. We own the place he lives but he rents from our manager.

I am NOT a landlord, I wish I were. We own several properties and use a manager. As I have reported here before, I cannot manage, I am a pushover. When we lived here full time and I went to repair anything at our houses, I was just a repairman. You would be surprised how ‘SORRY’ and ‘Uncaring’ the manager and owners were according to the renters.

In this case Richard knows we own the place. He and his wife are good folk. He works for the BSA in admin and his wife, Michelle, teaches school. They have been here many years. I think they have a home in Asheville, but this was closer to their work.

Michelle is a soft touch and was feeding Stormy before we came into the picture. BTW Stormy is still coming around regular I think she has lost her litter, but her teats are still full, and it makes me wonder. She seems to spend too much time being petted and fed.

Michelle mentioned again about getting her ‘spayed’. There are no places here that do that as a free service, but I may check on it. If she can arrange it, we will pay for it. Maybe Stormy will become my first REAL cat since I was 5. I do like the ‘Wild Thang’, she is showing some affection believe it or not, but I prefer a dog as a pet.

PS:  Just for fun and to check my thinking, I placed a trail camera on the porch where Stormy hangs around. Well most of the night Stormy stayed in the front chair. So I am taking that to mean she has no 'Kitties' to feed or take care of. She was there except when two dogs came on our porch to check out the food bowls. I had put some mac/cheese out to see what was eating the food. It was another feral cat and the dogs. Trail cameras are neat. I never thought of dogs. I am sure they are the front neighbors dogs who let them out at 11:30 for their nightly business.


Glenda said...

Our county animal control has a shelter where they accept and place rescue/abandoned animals. Once a month a veterinarian brings his hospital bus and does neutering at about a 50% discount to usual vet fees. Your county may offer that service. Sorry to hear that no kittens have shown up, glad stormy has y'all to look after her.

betty said...

I wonder if you call the animal shelter (if there is one in your area if they could help get Stormy fixed. I feel for her if she lost her litter. That is mighty kind of you to mow the grass of others, but I bet for you it is good exercise too. I thing it is wise to have a manager to look over rentals. They are professional about doing it, don't get emotionally sucked in, and take some of the "stress" off you.


Rick Watson said...

I’m thinking about getting a bee cam :)

Mevely317 said...

Good decision! But, will Stormy ever speak to you again? (*smile*) I love how the feral fur-baby has tamed the old salt!

Were I a landlord I'd probably go broke, falling for every hard-luck story to come down the road. Years ago, one of my mother's loser tenants had the nerve to tell her they'd named their new baby after her.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think it's great that you have a manager. Sure saves you a lot of trouble. Nice to have good neighbors too. Nice they watch out for Stormy too. I do think she has found a permanent home there with you so you. Might as well enjoy her. She's yours for the taking.

Dar said...

Yes, Sweet Stormy should perhaps be spayed. If she's staying on your porch all night long, chances are she isn't nursing kittens. However, it isn't unusual for her to feed them and then leave them alone for hours on end. It's also possible that she'll wander to her male friends as soon as she no longer is nursing...........a day at the ' spay ' sounds like a good idea.
Love that truck even tho I'm a Chevy Girl lately.
love n' hugs from up north where most the new snow melted today. I couldn't be happier. Have a blessed Sunday.


i agree stormy should be spayed. thats neat you had a camera out on the porch to see what was happening with stormy. sounds like she had competition for the food.