Saturday, April 20, 2019

Life certainly changes

Early Japanese Cars
  An early Mazda, most likely in the 40-50s

 I am sitting here at my computer and realized 22 years ago I would have been in the love seat, watching TV with Sherry, And doing a little smooching. Since being here the TV has been on, but less than an hour total. (Our lives change,To borrow from Rick)

Living here before (-20+ yrs), when we came home after being out, the ritual was ‘Check the answering machine’ then turn on the TV.

A lot has happened in those 22 years. We left here with a satellite dish. I set it up most stops if there was no local TV stations. If it was more than overnight, it was always set up. I seemed to always have trouble aiming that sucker.

We watched less and less TV as my hearing deteriorated. We drove to Alaska and never set up the dish once. When we got back to the lower 48 we decided if we did not use it in the Yukon and Alaska, we didn’t need it at all.

We visit family and friends. Most watch TV and I am not about to ask them to turn it off because ‘I’ can’t hear, it is their house and I once did the same thing. Before hearing loss, the TV came on after work and went off at bedtime.

Now I notice we sit together at separate PCs and we go thru our regular routines. Mine takes much longer. She leaves me here and goes to the Love seat to read her Bible or novel. She may spend some time on the smart phone.

Then she does what inside stuff she wants to and I go out to play. Lately it has been to complete the repairs on the sewer pump and housing for the motor home. I am nearly done. Here is the pump area from our deck.

Yep life does take drastic changes in a ‘short’ 22 year span.

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PS: Did I read that sign right?
In a London department store:


Mevely317 said...

That sign is a HOOT!
Wow, I remember when several shows were "appointment TV." A good many evenings were spent riveted to that silly box. For the most part I could do away with the whole business … but Tom has it on most days 24/7 while he sleep-watches via his recliner. (Fortunately, because his hearing aids are blue-tooth, he turns the volume down!)


life changes indeed. twenty two years is a long time for alot of them to occur.

Susan Kane said...

22 years has made changes in our lives as well. At first little bits, and now we can see how those bits all added up.

I watch less TV while my husband continues. But he also works on Sudoku at the same time. I write and read. We laugh together, tell our stories, talk about our kids and gr-kids. It is a different life together, but richer in many ways.

betty said...

22 years ago I was still "knee deep" in raising kids :) I'd go back to those days if I could :)

Hubby watches more TV than I do. If he is gone, I have it on as background sound but usually I'm on the computer and just have a few shows on TV that I like to watch.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've probably watched more TV the past 2 years than I ever done before. When I used to get free time, I'd rather read a book, but after I was introduced to Netflix, I found I could watch all the old series that I missed when I was working and I've done that for sure. I think they call it binging. I've watch one series after another. My free time has increased and especially in the winter. Summer I'll spend more time outside and won't watch as much, but it helped to fill the winter days. I can understand why you have given up on it and don't miss it. It is really better spending time with others and doing what you love.

Hope you all enjoy a beautiful Easter day. It's stopped raining here and we may see some sunshine !

Dar said...

22 yrs. ago, Bill was working hard at the mill, then home to hobby farm work with me, while I raised the family, worked the gardens, taught Sunday School, had a job at the hospital, and ran kids to wrestling tournaments, cheerleading and football. It sure was different than our ' now ' as the big guy watches plenty of tv in the evenings while I read or write on my pc. The grandloves get lots of attention and we all garden til our hearts content. Life is grand.
love n' hugs from up north where it's we are in sharp lightening, and raining.
Maybe now the rest of the frost will come out of the ground so the robins can find their dinner. The early bird gets the worm.