Sunday, April 7, 2019

What are your plans at 80 years of age

Trucks of Art

                Love this old school bus!
What do you want to do when you are 80?

I ask that because I am there and am not sure what I ‘should or want to do’. I have been settled in this ‘new life’ (ha) for a month or so now, and am not sure what I want.

I am enjoying doing the small repairs here. However I know I will finish this stuff in a month or so and get antsy, that has been my life’s pattern.  If the city and I agree on building the house, that is less than 3 months. In an earlier life I guaranteed a house in 99 days. Now I think guys are doing it in 50 or less.

Sherece has picked out several she would like. There is one, about 1260- sqft, 1½ story unit with a garage. I like it. (no brick to save $)

I like the plan, 3Bed-2Bath with the master BR upstairs. I have never seen this plan before. I like it. Sherece is a single mother and in one of our houses.  We want Reece to own her own home. She qualifies for 100K loan. I had hoped to build for less, but she likes this one and I do too. This one will push the limit.

She will have a big lot, 120’ x 210’ roughly, I haven’t cut it out yet.

Crazy plan B.  But I must still wait about 1-2 years to be the oldest man to thru hike the Appalachian Trail. Maybe I can backpack 2170 miles in six months. My friend Bill Irwin did it blind, in his 50s. Hahaha. Right now the record is held by Lee Barry, 81, of Shelby, NC.

I said Bill was my friend, we did take him and his wife out to dinner once in Bangor, Maine. They were very nice courageous people. Bill has since, passed.

Optimistic Plan C…. I thought about joining the Coast Guard, reckon at 80 I could get an age waiver? 

A nursing home is not in my plans… Death ain’t in the immediate plans either……..BUT….  One thing is for sure, we really do not know, DO WE?

Thanks for reading an old man’s ravings.
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betty said...

That is so true that we don't know. Life is fragile no matter what age we are at. I do like that house. It would be a great human interest story if you do get to join the Coast Guard at your age :)


Mevely317 said...

Lawdy, I hope I'm at least ambulatory at 80 y/o! You're right; we never really know. Another of my blog friends - just a kid in her early 50's - posted yesterday about the sudden death of a schoolmate's hubby. He was driving to work when he suffered a massive heart attack, lost control and drove into a house.
Reece's new home plans sure look attractive; I'd sure slow for that sort of curb appeal!

Jean said...

I have always lived a busy life but I'm slowing down now and just taking it one day at the time.I never thought I'd be here this long we never know but I don't think about that much. I would say keep doing what you love to do as long as you can. I'm living alone now but I'm not lonely. Maybe lazy!😕

Woody said...

We like living in Senior Citizen Housing, If I could talk the little woman into moving I would be in Okeechobee Florida!!
We just looked at a nice small house, All on one floor, Full Basement, new Furnace and upgrades but no Garage. Price was $149,000.00. House was not worth but maybe $ 75,000.00 !!! We put in an offer on a house/Manufactured Housing outside of the Village a month ago for $60,000.00. We were pre-approved for Mortgage but doubted could get a clear title ! Good luck on getting your House started, Up here there is only May thru November to build !! How is Stormy D doing ? You 2 take care, sending love and Prayers your way, Gary an Anna Mae !

Lisa said...

I think when I hit my 80’s, Id like to be living in a small patio home or small park model at the beach. My daddy is 82 and still works two jobs. I want to be a centurion.
You are only as old as you feel.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like what Jean says to keep doing what you love to do as long as you can. That is the plan for me. We none of us, ever knows what tomorrow will bring, but meanwhile we just keep on keeping on. I do like the plans of the house, but I would go with one all on one floor. Just my opinion.

Glenda said...

Absolutely LOVE Sherece's house plan, quaint design, totally "Southern" in appeal. That front porch is awesome.
IMO, y'all should do another AT hike; "if you can conceive it, you can achieve it". Go for it!!!

Dar said...

I have a pretty good chance of making it to 80 with longevity on both sides of the family. Let's get there first and then, I'd like to be healthy enough to remember everyone I love, see my grandloves become successful, happy adults, strong enough to still bend and garden. That's my happy place, the garden is where I have long conversations with God and the birds. Go for it Jack. You've always wanted to complete the AT...I agree with what makes you soar. Let us know what you decide. No matter what, we're behind you every step of your ventures.
love n' hugs from up north where we are in for another foot of snow by Thurs. and to think I just uncovered my succulent garden and found my chives rising.