Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Adjusting to a house.

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(Note: We are in our 80s and have lived in the motor home 22 yrs, 4 times longer than we ever lived in a brick and mortar home, we presently are back  in the last home I built for us. Its a month now!)
Re-arranging here in our bedroom is a little tough*.  Not for space, because when I built here we decided that two bedrooms were all we needed. Like our last three homes this was going to be ‘THE FINAL’ resting place for our old bones. Ha! So I combined two of Bedrooms of the 3BR plan into one master bedroom. So the bedroom alone is larger than our entire motor home (That does not include the walk-in closet or bathroom).
                                  Upper garage:

I think we lived here about 5 years before we hit the road.
                       Dining,kitchen and living room
Laundry room

hall bath

BR #2

But back to here. I have been using a shaky early computer table and Sherry was using my dad’s old desk with our old lap top. We liked the temporary double desk we used in Florida, so I came up with a similar arrangement here and brought Sherry’s computer up for her to use. We get along well side by side, and besides I get more kisses.
 computer set up beside exit onto the deck:

Anyway that is the reason the bedroom size. That is big for my thinking. However, we have actually been in a master bedroom in Florida of a wealthy couple that was 2 or 3 times this size. We were there to buy our present motor home, and the man had a small office in the corner of the bedroom. (I have built 2BR houses smaller!)
I may show my play house section soon, LOL

Nite Shipslog
*TOUGH.... Because I still can't feel 'ready' to stay here. In many ways Sherry feels the same. I do think I feel the pull of the 'road' more so far.


Mevely317 said...

Thank you for inviting us inside, Jack! (Since there's little likelihood I'll be showing up on your doorstep - ha.) I LOVE that bathroom shower curtain, and the cabinets in the laundry. Cool, your having a deck just outside the bedroom. Hope y'all are enjoying a sweet day!

Susan Kane said...

You two have such a lovely place. As said above, having a deck outside the MBR is wonderful.

Sorry about the waffles. I had that on my mind when I visited you.

Lisa said...

That's a darling home. Looks cozy enough but I have a feeling you both are not gonna be satisfied until you hit the road again.
The his and her desk is cute!

From over here

betty said...

I like your house!! Thanks for the tour of it! I agree with Lisa, I bet you'll be hitting the road again soon! Do it as you can and enjoy it while you can!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice to see your cozy home. Making it to suite your taste is a good thing for sure. For now you are there so might as well enjoy it the best you can. You have the perfect place for that double desk. I like the chairs you are using too. Look very comfortable. Hopefully you will still be able to squeeze in a road trip or two when life is not so busy.


what a comfy cozy house you have. it's beautiful. perfect desk setup.