Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Things I do not like and ............!

The Auto and history 

The first MG 1925 #1

Things I do not like:
I do not like Figs, and that is unfair, because as far as I remember I have never tasted a ripe one. Figs appear to be mushy, I veer away from that type of fruit.
For the same reason I do not care of persimmons. (I tried them green, yuk!)
I do not like a tailgater. They make me nervous as a driver.
I do not like driving in a city (I have driven in NYC at 4-5PM).
A policeman who hides to CATCH a driver.
I do not like to run out of milk.
Things I like:
You will not know why I say it right now, but I like my girl’s legs. They are beautiful.(she just sat down beside me and gave me a kiss!) just a thought but that is probably why!
Seeing the Flag of the USA Flying.
High profile law enforcement, ‘SEE ME’, be careful.’(My opinion: seeing law enforcement reminds us to ‘pay attention’. IMHO fines are for those who have no regard for law, not for citizen Joe or Mary who is not paying attention or forgets.)
The feel of a pet’s fur when I pet them.
I like a friend who is a friend just because you like each other.
The smile on my girl’s face after a satisfying visit to her beautician.
Signs that announce, “You are now entering xxx,” the xxx being the next state.
I love mountains, I love deserts and anything in between when driving.
I like the smell of my girl after a bath (about as much as the smell of our boys as babies when she gave them a bath.) There is something special about the smell of a baby just after a bath, and THAT smile!
I enjoy a crisp apple with salt that cracks when I bite it.
I cannot think of a nut I do not like.
Things I remember:
Stores closed half day on Wednesday.
Stores did not open on Sunday.
Stores closed weekdays at 6PM
The smell of mama’s biscuits.
I remember staying close to mama after daddy preached on the ‘Rapture’. I was gonna grab onto mama’s legs as she went up to meet her Lord. I didn’t plan to miss the Rapture. This kid knew mama was going when that trumpet sounded!  
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Lisa said...

This was a fun read.
I hope I can keep pretty legs when I get older. Ask Sherry if I can have her beauty secret.
The rapture story was cute.

from the desk

Mevely317 said...

I LOVE this post so much! I think you've just pinpointed how splendid can be found in an ordinary day! Perhaps I should print this to reflect upon … and maybe, consider some things that make my own heart smile.

PS - I dislike figs, too. And dates. Their consistency gives me the willies!

betty said...

I think you have more things you like than things you don't like! I can have a fig newton cookie every 10 years and I'm content with that. I agree a newly bathed baby is a delicious smell to smell!


Woody said...

Good reading your post, I never "Hid" when a Policeman, I would set in plain sight to work radar, usually in a city it was usually a "Warning" the first time but the second time it was usually a ticket ! In the County very few warnings because of the Speed Limits that were exceeded. I never stopped young attractive females when working as a lone 1 man car, didn't need the hassle. But that was the "Old Days" when I was an "Old Timer", Today they have no respect for the Uniform or the Law! I dislike "Figs" also !!LoL !!
Taje care down there, Love from up here, Gary an Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have to say that one of my nephews brought bacon wrapped figs to our family Thanksgiving for an appetizer and it gave a whole new meaning to figs. Everyone loved them, even those who didn't like figs before. Nice to see you like list looks a bit bigger than your dislike list. Always better to think on the things we like. We've been having a lot of rain here. I don't like the rain so much, but I love what it brings...green grass, flowers and good things growing.

Dar said...

I like that your 'like' list was longer than the 'not so much.' lol I've always tried to find at least one good thing in each day even when it was a not so good day. Love dates but never had a fig. Being they're similar, I suppose I'd like them. It's raining on my newly transplanted flowers and
' I like it.'
love n' hugs from here to there. May your week continue to please us all.