Sunday, May 26, 2019

Vickie, Not your run of the mill Attorney

 Early interesting Cars:
The 1960s HAWK by Studebaker

But for today:
I say, My Attorney, years ago when in business She became ‘My Attorney’.

Sherry and I are finally getting to the point of seriously downsizing. Not just for us but to see our sons get to enjoy some of their inheritance, now. So we needed help in transferring a house out of our name the other day. Vickie has a beautiful large office, outside town. Guess who is sitting in the client’s seat beside her desk? A huge doll, Minnie Mouse. The chair is a rocker.

During the session the subject came up that she is now 15 miles from us. Yes, people ask me why I moved to this little ‘Podunk’ town. My answer is, “I love this little town. The people are small town folk and great to work with.” She added, “Plus I don’t have to deal with some of those lawyers in the larger town.”

(While we were there (with no appointment) she left us to speak to a client or two that stopped by, they got hugged too!)

She once refused to accept payment on a transaction because of a small favor I did for her.

She also once held a $100 check for a year. Until I begged her to cash it and give it away or something. “I’m messing with your books, huh?” She stated laughing.

Most folk go to less than three closings in their lives. It can be confusing and also boring.  It was never so with Vickie. Every person at the table felt 'as if' they were talking to a friend.

Vickie changed a boring legal business session to an interesting event as she described each piece of paper. (On some documents she would ask, “Do you want the reader’s digest version from me or you have the right to read the entire document.) I once took granddaughter Sherece to a closing when I sold a house. So she could see a professional lady at work. She was about 10, and was introduced all around to the participants.

Friday we got hugs going in and leaving, from Vickie and her secretary Debbie. We also have a luncheon date next month.

Nite Shipslog
We have some neat bloggers in bloggersville, Ever read the note on Taryterre’s blog? She says:
I typically post once a week, usually Monday, or Tuesday or sometimes whenever I feel like it.
That always makes me smile. Her last post on ‘Taryterre’ was just after her dad‘s passing. Losing a dad is tough. I look forward to her entries, hope she is doing well. She is commenting but must be stuck in that last part of her statement on blogging. ;-)


betty said...

I like your attorney! We need more of them around. Seems like every time one meets with an attorney they immediately start the clock for billable hours. I like her thought of the Reader Digest's version on some of those forms. They can get complicated to read all the fine details!


Chatty Crone said...

I like you attorney too - wish we had one like that. Never have lived in a small town.

Glenda said...

Your attorney sounds like a "dream". You were fortunate to make her acquaintance, great to have a professional you trust and enjoy!

Mevely317 said...

Wow! Your Vickie sounds like a dream … like someone right out of an Andy Griffin episode. That's pretty cool that you brought Sherece along to a closing. When my son and DIL brought their girls to their closing a few years back, the other parties acted all offended. I LOVE finally getting to live in a small town!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like your attorney likes what she does and isn't in it for the money the way so many are. Nice you can share your children's inheritance with them while you are still living and get to see them enjoy it too. We can't take it with us for sure. Ha! Hope you are both having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend !