Monday, May 6, 2019

Routines and I will call you tomorroow.

Early Japanese Cars
          1980 Celeca Supra

We get into routines in our lives and at times they last awhile. I eat 3 hard candies at bed time I think she eats one. We now play part of a game of dominoes each night, three nights go by before she beats me, well most of the time. Sometimes she lets me win.

When we had company for one night we gave them the house and it gave us an excuse to spend the night in our coach. We did not realize how much we missed it. Anyway, down there we played Scrabble. Of course I let her win at that many times.I think I am the master of the 3 letter words. LOL

I know that Darla and her extended family up in the North wood play a lot of games in the cold winter. I think it is good to have some interaction with a table game and stay off the computer for a little time (speaking for myself). LOL

WE also read every night in bed. Granddaughter Megan introduced Sherry to author Jacqueline Winspear. I forgot to take my Clancy Book down to the coach so I started one of Jacqueline's books. I like her.

Y'all have a good week. We are hoping to hear something from our 'city officials this week' ya think? ;-)  It is disappointing to hear, I'll call you tomorrow. Because tomorrow seems never to come for some folk. Ma mentioned once lately about folks that keep their word, that trait seems to be missing lately.

But, BUT Life is still good!

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Did I read that headline correctly:
Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over
(What a guy!)


Chatty Crone said...

You are always a move a head of me - now you are home - and not in your RV?

Glenda said...

Prayers that you hear this week from the city officials, it's very frustrating to be in limbo. Good Luck!!!

Mevely317 said...

I more comforted by routine (I think) than Tom. Either that, or I'm OCD! Ha. We've not sat down with a board game in forever. Closest we come is playing Solitaire or something else on our tablets while watching television. I've not heard of that author, but will check her out on Goodreads!

betty said...

Its good to have routines! Sounds like you and Sherry have good ones too! I do hope you hear from the city. It is frustrating just waiting around.


Lisa said...

We are like that. Well, HE is like that. I like to change up but Nick like to be routine and if its gets messed up, it makes him grumpy. Sometimes we please the girl and take a trip to Charlotte to visit her and it just messes up his whole day. haha. He goes walking the same time every morning. We go to the same places to eat (most of the time). We eat at the same time everyday and go for our walks at the same time every afternoon taking the same route. I take two pieces of caramels with me on every walk.

From the desk,

Dar said...

Yeppers, we love playing games to pass the winter away. Bill and I have been playing one game of cribbage after breakfast and while we finish our coffee. He won this morning. Mom and Dad used to keep score on the back of the board for a whole year. They also had a rotating photo frame of them with their big bucks...she on one side, he on the other. Whoever won the game of the morning got their picture facing forward for the day. lol. loved that. We also keep our minds sharp playing Scrabble, cards and dice. It's all good. Now about that ' call you in the morning ' thing with the city....accountability is getting more and more rare and it's such an important thing. Some changes are not good.
love n' hugs as you enjoy another week. I'm about to go rescue Bill's uncles roses and peony bushes. He told me exactly where to dig. love that guy

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Games do pass the time away and the best thing is that you need a partner to do them with. Yes it is getting hard to find someone who does what they say they will do. Sorry you are getting the run around there. On the bright side it sounds like you are making the best use of your time while you are waiting !