Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The NICE gift that is hand forged!

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Since being old, I seldom receive presents. I have the last present here on my desk. A stamp holder that came from a blogger Myra along with a good book. To be honest I do not need anything and enjoy giving rather than getting. BUT today in the mail I received such a unique gift I wanted to share it.

Nephew Joe Darnell told me a day or so ago via message he was into another business, he was forging. Now that is scary I said.  I know folks who spent a lot of time in jail for such a thing. I was thinking, not a bad business I guess, but the side effects can be tough.

Of course to drop back many years, the blacksmith was known to labor over a forge. Joe is good with metal, as a matter of fact his dad, Brother Junior, was good with metal and mechanics.
Anyway the business is ‘TARHEEL FORGE’, Joe Darnell proprietor. He sent us this simple beautiful cross, forged from two nails, similar to the nails the Lord Suffered at His crucifiction, how poetic is that? He also forged the nails.

Thanks Joe, What a treasure. It is beautiful and very impressive in simplicity and meaning. for custom Knives, Tomahowks and Sheaths

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PS: BTW, We all know MA was cool in hedr younger years she drove a 1956 Ford Crown  Victoria as shown on yesterday's popst!

 Early treasured Cars
The '49 Kaiser Joe's dad owned one of these.


Mevely317 said...

That is SO cool! A few years ago my DIL sent me a similar cross, forged from these kind of nails -- only much smaller, Mine's maybe 12" high and hangs in our guest bath. I'm going to look see if Tarheel Forge has a website.

PS - Your second paragraph made me laugh out loud!
PPS - I'm so happy to know you still have the stamp holder and that book!

betty said...

What a great piece of forging (and the right kind of it)! So very unique! I wish nephew Joe much success in this career of his!!


Candy said...

Beautiful thoughtful work! ��

Jackie said...

That was a wonderful gift to give and to receive!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, I did have a 56 Ford for my firstt car. bit it was not new, It was a used car, but got me around where I need to go. I love the cross and have seen similar ones before. I think they are beautiful. Hope he does well with his forging business. There is something about making things with your hands that makes them all the more dear.

Dar said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Joe is quite talented. I love the crosses made of nails. It's a reminder of the great sacrifice for us all. Our neighbor across the highway does some beautiful forging., mostly of garden decor like shepherd hooks for hanging baskets, pot hooks, utensil racks...I'll be checking to see what all Joe makes. I love metal arts. Andy is getting into making garden items also to sell in his MIL's flower shop. Such talented people out there.
love n' hugs from up north where the beginning of the gardening has started. The early seeds are in the ground waiting to evolve into healthy food.


a lovely cross indeed. i wish your nephew well in his new business.