Saturday, May 18, 2019

Pillows and tough ladies

 Beautiful  Early  Trucks

I am not sure if it is modern décor or not, I know it has been the practice for a long time. It seems we really do love cushions and pillows. I think I am one of the old people that grew up with one pillow and that is what I like.  I also like a pillow that is about a no-pillow.

Not long ago we bought ‘me’ a pillow with ‘memory foam’ whatever the heck that is. It still does not remember I like it to be ‘thin’, and I ‘show and tell it’ every night.  LOL

My girl likes several pillows, well maybe TWO. She likes to ‘sit up’ in bed. She sleep reads a lot. I just can’t see a need for more than one pillow. I know for a fact (from movies) that cowboys had only one pillow and it was their saddle…… so there.

Now our friend Paula, down below San Antonio is a cow girl. I am not sure if cow girls used their saddles or not.

Paula seldom hits the blogging trail anymore and I miss her. Sherry, our sons and I had the pleasure of meeting Paula once. She is a doll and drives a pickup truck.

She and Jean (Who also drove a Pickup) from Opp, would make a team, one tough pair of women. They are both older and tougher than I.

I have met such sweet ladies here on the net and off. My girl doesn’t care at all, she too enjoys your company. She follows behind me as I tour your blogs. We enjoy discussing your entries and lives. We learn from you who have lost a mate and the younger folk who are facing life.

 (Maybe cowgirls do not need pillows!)

I miss bloggers who at present do not have the time to tell of life’s problems. They are too busy dealing with them. I think some still take time to lurk and read, but just do not have the energy or time to stop. I do happen to know some are dealing with ‘partners’ with that hated interloper, ‘Alzheimer’s.’ We think of you guys often and take time to send up a prayer in your behalf.

Nite Shipslog  
PS  : Did I read that headline correctly?
Man Struck By Lightning Faces Battery Charge

He probably IS the battery charge!


Mevely317 said...

Poignant! You AND Sherry are blessed to have met some unforgettable characters. I've a love-hate relationship with my (old) pillows: Start the night with a 'fattie', then sometime around 3 I switch it out to a flatter model. The 'chill' pillows and something called "My Pillow" are darn intriguing, but I can't justify spending that kind of money and chance not liking it. Happy Saturday from (hot) Coosada!

Susan Kane said...

You say so much here. I have also noticed people taking a break. It might be that the April A 2 Z blog hop wore bloggers out, and they needed to take that break.

As for me, I feel like I am missing old friends when that happens. We were on holiday to see our daughter & family in Switzerland and then Rome. We decided that if we ever wanted to see the Holy City, we had better to go now before we get too old to climb the stairs and see all the great places we read about now.

Keep writing. I feel dark when I don't.

betty said...

I found in my blogging experiences that more women tend to blog so I can see why you would have more women blog friends reading and commenting. Blog names fascinate me and yours was interesting to me, that's why I clicked on it and then was delighted to read all you shared.

I do not like fluffy pillows and won't use the ones in hotels when we travel. I like flat ones and often inherit the ones hubby has used for years and flattened down. The flatter the better, otherwise my neck feels hyper extended and hurts the next day.

I'm writing less these days blogging but still enjoying reading. I've been working on something else online that has me more interested with that than writing, but we'll see how it all plays out (I do plan to blog about that sometime down the road LOL)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love pillows and have lots of them around the house, the couch the chair and beds too. I'm with your girl in having two pillows cause I read every night before going to sleep. It does seem like most of the blogs I read are women. I do like to read your blog and Rick's too. I like to hear the male viewpoint of life too. Like you I miss many bloggers and I also miss being able to comment on many blogs the way I used to be able to. I won't stop blogging as long as I'm able. It's become a habit for me and consider it a way of keeping a journal of sorts. We are warm today in Ohio, but storms are expected later on. Hope you both have a wonderful Sunday!

Dar said...

I guess I'm one of those ' tough ' gals by all the real pain tolerance I seem to have. Gads! I love how Sherry is so tough yet so beautifully quiet. You two make the perfect pair. As for pillows, we have a lot on the furniture, beds and behind my back, under my knees and behind our neck. Bill sleeps on two med. pillows and I use only one flattened one. I read in bed a lot too but on my side. I remember dear Paula and miss her cowgirl ways and her turtle tales and love of her cattle. I do miss blogging and being able to read others entries. To be honest, I'd do it again but cannot even recall my blog name. I'm sure it's still out there somewhere. I keep saying 'some day.' Meanwhile, I'll keep up here and thanks for that.
love n' hugs from up in our rainy, cold north where it's supposed to snow again. I'm just grateful the ground is warm enough to melt it fast.

Lisa said...

I have to have a thin pillow or no pillow at all.

I lurk a lot. I try to add a comment to all I read. Sometimes I will read and a try to remind myself to go back later and comment but myself sometimes forgets. I need a memory foam pillow too.

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