Sunday, June 9, 2019

Ears, the hearing factor

Early interesting Cars:
 '59 Chevy customized Apachie.
But for today:
Mama always said ‘Wash behind your ears!’!
As an adult I still don’t know how I got so dirty behind my ears. I have met many ‘audiologists.’ I remember being told, “Never put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow!” I laughed and told the young man I had never heard that one before. He was amazed, evidently everyone is supposed to have heard that statement. Have you?
Anyway I have read that Q-tips are never to be used in one’s ears!  Where else would you use them? I always use the Q-tip after a shower. Of course I am careful. I remember Lucy and Joe would ‘get into it’ when she used the Q-tip in her ear.
Okay, ears came up because of a debit card problem. Story: We paid our house insurance. Sherry wrote a check. A few days later our ins. man called and said he had found a company much cheaper and had cancelled the policy, so in a couple days the Ins Company sent us a refund.
I first deposited the refund at the bank ATM It was Accepted and gave my card back. I plugged it in again for another transaction and was refused. I tried again NADA! 
So we get a call, mysterious transaction with your card, I tried to talk using the speaker phone and did okay for the first couple sentences. But after that it all became garbled.
After that phoncon, I realized my brain delays the meaning of a sentence and interprets it a second or two later. So after about 4-5 sentences the brain returns get mixed (I am behind the speaker) and I get SUPER frustrated.
If you are familiar with ‘closed caption’ it runs a sentence or two behind the speaker at times. So it is impossible  to try to listen to the speaker and read the captions, I can do one or the other, trying both, frustrates my brain. LOL
I have said for a long time I cannot stay on a phone long, I just realized why! :-(
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jack69 said...

And for an old man's opinion, I think they hire people who can speak the MOST words in the least time!I think they are all studying to be reporters! lol

betty said...

I have heard that about the ears with nothing smaller than an elbow. I heard that Q-tips can actually push the wax further in the ear. It can be frustrating when trying to understand someone talking on the phone when they are going a mile a minute or a doctor dictating going a mile a minute. Wish there was a slow down button we could push on them to make them slow down and our ears catch up.


Mevely317 said...

Whaaaa? Where else but my ears would I use a Q-tip? Is this akin to those tags on mattresses telling you not to remove under penalty of law?

Yours was a good explanation of how you interpret someone else's words. (I learned something new … yay.) This isn't too dissimilar, but a while back I heard a good suggestion to slow down one's speech: When leaving your phone number, use the pointer finger of one hand to 'write' each numeral in the air.

yaya said...

I have heard that saying about ears and elbows. I actually can put my elbow in my ear.. just kidding! I have asked the person on the phone to please give me someone who speaks English when I haven't been able to understand what what said.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - I would be confused too - I hear and I get confused. I would let Sherry do that kind of thing - most have an accent which is hard for me to understand at times too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you got that all cleared up. I've quite using the debit card machine and go to an actual teller at the bank. It's not as convenient, but fewer mistakes happen. We still have the luxury of real people around. I hope they don't ever let technology completely take over.

Dar said...

Mom and Grams always said not to put Q-tips or anything smaller than my elbow in my ears.....really? So what's the Q-tip for? I've also gotten frustrated with understanding on the phone and I've also done like YaYa and asked for someone who speaks English I can understand. Frustrating~
love n' hugs from up north where we just had a 2 minute long hail/rain storm pass through....not even enough rain to register in the rain gauge. We do need it!