Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Rest of the story

Early Sweet Cars
1935 Deucenburg

And now:
About the collapsed church. No one ‘knew’ the reason. Zoning figured the roof pitch was too great for the bracing that was required at the time. However other buildings were built to the same standards and have not collapsed. Since no one was hurt, there was no investigation into a cause. One Baptist church having the same basic design, did stop having service in the chapel area and closed it for a month or so until engineers designed more secure bracing.

Now back to Sherry and I playing in the ocean and going out with the rip tide. And since we are here we did make it back. But some things we can smile at now that I did not mention.

We were worn out of course and when sherry’s feet touched the bottom she made the first positive sounds saying, “I’m helping, I’m helping!” as she also started pushing us to shore. We collapsed at the water’s edge. But when a wave reached her feet and she felt it, that girl, even worn out started crawling away from ANY water.  We can remember and smile about that.

Any close calls that now you can smile about?

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never had close calls like the ones you had, but was in an accident once that took me over a 40 foot cliff. I was only 19 at the time and consider it a blessing none of us were hurt. Still raining in Northern Ohio. We have flooded field and highways.

Glenda said...

In Freshman year at college in Kirksville I borrowed a friend's car to go home. Hit an icy patch on the blacktop rounding a curve and the car went in a complete circle before heading back in the right direction on the right side of the road...that near miss had me trembling and slowing down! Fifty years later I still remember that gut wrenching feeling...and I love that country song "Jesus Take the Wheel".

Mevely317 said...

Thank you, Jack. Like Paul Harvey used to say, "Now you know the REST of the story!" (I miss old Paul!)

The only near-miss that comes to mind was a traffic accident along I-75, south of Sarasota: I was passing someone who - because I was in her blind spot - also decided she wanted in the left lane. I jerked the wheel just in time - then overcorrected. Because we were travelling at high speeds my car went flying out of control back across the right lanes, right in front of an 18-wheeler. Later, that driver said I nearly gave him a heart attack. Go figure, I was able to back my car out of the bushes and back on the road to Port Charlotte!

betty said...

Thanks for sharing the "rest of the story." Glad that one church decided to have their building looked at! No close calls here, thankfully!


Susan Kane said...

My near-miss was when I was stupidly wading through high grass and shrubs, wearing sandals. Then a few feet away I heard a rattlesnake rattle. Stopped dead, frozen. Five minutes later it was gone, and I got out of there. Just two feet away...

Lisa said...

I cant really remember any "close calls" but I do look back at my younger days and wonder how I am still alive.

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