Sunday, October 13, 2019

Climate Change and other stuff

Another All American car
1956 Ford Thunderbird

Have you ever heard of the Milankovitch Cycles? He is positive that the earth has changed its axial "tilt".  A great theory.  I am a middle of the road person on climate change. But I do think we can improve our earth by some recycling and conservation. I also think we should walk more.  I think kids should walk to school if they are within 2 miles, yeah thru 2’ of your snow up north.  LOL
I wish I was smart enough to solve the world’s problems. I know I cannot, but I think I should do my part.  As a builder I once I drove to Atlanta and attended classes on using steel vs wood in my homes. The winning points were less termite damage and also less chance of major damage by fires.
But when I bounced that against the fuel and less renewal elements, I opted to stay with wood lumber. It is POSITIVELY renewable. More trees are being planted than are harvest every year so it is be an unending source of building material.
Steel is definitely important in huge office buildings, but for the average home, wood is better and more cost effective.
All that is mostly an opinion, and some educated guess work.
Ever do something just because you wanted to. Something that would be in reality a waste of time for the most part, but possibly gratifying to your psych?
I did that a day or two ago. Son Mark brought a rusty piece of gear and left it at our house. “Dad, Scott says this is a 1955 Chevy transmission.”  He said nothing else. I looked at it a few days. Then after finishing chain carving I actually picked it up on a table and cleaned it up, it looks brand new. I enjoyed every minute of it. Google is good, it is  55 trans, used in chevys '51-59', Need one?

It is probably worth $7.50 as junk, or $50-$300 to someone who needs one. . I have no idea his plans for it, but I had fun.
At times it does you good to have fun doing nothing really important. Speaking of Feral cats:
Sherry caught this old man watching Zero nurse.
 He leaves the teat and heads for my legs . He loves to climb.
I love to see mama playing with and washing her kitty. Honest, I am really a dog person.... LOL

Nite Shipslog
PS: The Oxymoron for today:
Why do we wash bath towels? Aren't we clean when we use them?
(The above must have been a man’s opinion!)


jack69 said...

IT IS RAINING IN GASTON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA! It has been over a month, it smells good!

Glenda said...

Love, love, love this one and I may have to borrow or steal some of your oxymoron quotes! Feeling better, finally!!!

betty said...

I'm with you about conservation and recycling. Not sure about climate change though it is fascinating to read people's opinions about it. Glad that the kitty is enjoying being around you too, Jack! I think there is hope for this one of Stormy's!


Chatty Crone said...

I am definitely with you on conserving and recycling. Walking to school - the kids start here at 7:05am - they would have to leave an hour ahead of time - our streets are kind of dangerous - I wouldn't allow mine! lol
The kitten even though feral they are good moms.
I am a dog person too - but my other grandson is a cat lover - so I am getting interested for him.

Mevely317 said...

LOVE that oxymoron! Yes, I've wondered the same thing. Hahahah.
Your transmission reminds me … When we were attending estate sales, Tom was on the look-out for an old crockpot. He filled it with transmission fluid and 'cooked' his airplane engines on low to soften where the castor oil had gummed up the pistons and bearings.

That's really interesting about steel being used in new home construction. Something I never considered!

Susan Kane said...

My son-in-law would have loved to be with you in your garage.

I would go with the steel. It would last forever and never require repairing with you. Plus, post WW2 there were homes Lustron built in midwest. My home town had about 12 of them.

yaya said...

Walking, recycling, conserving...a big YES SIR on those! We try to be very diligent with recycling. I love a nice walk and this beautiful weather we've been having is perfect for that. That cat has entered your're now a cat person!

NanaDiana said...

Well, you can say you are a dog man but watching that sweet kitten has "outed' you. lol
I love that you cleaned that piece of 'junk' up and made it look like new.
I try to do my little bit in this world ot make it a better place. It is sad what we have done to our oceans, etc. over the years.
I hope you and Sherry have a wonderful week! Hugs- Diana

Lisa said...

I believe in keeping the world a clean place, recycling and keeping our air clean to breath but climate change is something im not concerned about. I believe God is in control of all that.
That is just the cutest kitty. Yes they climb and some like to snuggle. Be careful not to let it scratch you. You don’t want to get cat scratch fever.


Dar said...

I am also always in favor of recycle when we can and conservation. Climate change has been around for eons, and like Lisa said, God's in control. As for you, my friend, you Are a cat person whether or not you think so. That kitten has you wrapped around it's cute little paw.
love n' hugs from up north where the nip in the fall air is quite brisk today.

Rick Watson said...

I know a guy that has three 55s. He will be at a car show in the court house square this weekend.
If I can run him down, I’ll ask if he needs the tranny.