Thursday, October 24, 2019

Susie Geneva Hawes Harris

 If you knew Susie like I know Susie.....

The Shipslog has a commenter by that name. I use it because she is the second person I have known by that name in my 80 years. Susie (Shejunks) is dealing with some med problems in their family, put has posted some beautiful pictures from Indiana.

But the name kicked in memories of the best Mother-in-law anyone ever had. One born in 1904 and did not have the greatest of childhoods. Her dad deserted her mama leaving her with 4 girls and 4 boys to raise in eastern North Carolina tobacco country.
Tobacco is cured in what is known as tobacco barns. The family modified one as living quarters in the middle of the tobacco fields. Most of her immediate family moved to Belmont, NC for work in the mills in 1916. Susie worked in the Cotton Mills from age 12 until a heart attack in her mid 50s. Sadly she passed away at a young 61.

She left a husband and 7 children, one, the most beautiful and wonderful girl in the world, my Sherry!
This entry comes to mind because we recently had dinner with her brother Vernon, his wife Janet and Tina one of their daughters.
My boyhood friend Vondale married into the same family via in-laws. Vernon’s wife Janet and Vondale’s wife Rose are sisters. Vondale and Rose were also at the lunch. They drove 80 miles to share company.

But mama Susie is never forgotten. She was a diamond. On Mill salary she budgeted and actually built and paid for three houses. One for a brother who was disabled for life in an accident, one to rent out and one to live in. They were all paid for before she had a heart attack and was forced to quit work. From the time I met Sherry her family never owned a car and walked most places they went in town.
 This car was new, when I first met Susie and Sherry!
She was always sweet to me and I loved her dearly. I NEVER heard a bad word about anyone from her, and that woman was not a gossip. If someone was looking for a model Christian, she would have fit the bill.
That was Susie. She was Sherry’s best friend and was with her for both her boy’s births. One in Mississippi the other in Missouri!

Susie died in my arms at age 61 as I tried to keep her alive with CPR, but her heart would not respond. WE miss her to this day!

Nite Shipslog 

Taken from a collection of notes left in milk bottles for the milkman, Enjoy:
**From now on please leave two pints every other day and one pint on the days in between, except Wednesdays and Saturdays when I don't want any milk.


betty said...

That was a confusing note for the milkman! I'd be tempted to leave no milk, LOL.

She was a gem of a lady and she left behind a great legacy in her children, especially Sherry!


Susie said...

I am so glad that you know two Susies now. LOL. Your MIL seemed to have a lot of grit. I pray my daughters all have enough grit for life, as my mother taught it to me thru life. I pray for strength each day....because life can be just hard at times. Are you lucky to have found your sweet Sherry. I also remember when we had no cars. When my mom married my step dad, we could all pile into his 57 Mercury. LOL. You know before seat belts. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Chatty Crone said...

Oh mu goodness - I am sorry she died so young! But what a sweet sweet story you wrote about her. No wonder Sherri is wonderful too.

Mevely317 said...

I'll NEVER tire of hearing Susie's story! All of you whose lives she touched were so blessed. Rather, I should say ARE so blessed. Memories never die, do they?


sweet story about susie. wonderful memories indeed.

Dar said...

Sherry was one lucky girl to have a mom that worked so very hard to support her family and others without a harsh word. She definitely was a model Christian with such a giving heart. I'm glad you got to be part of her life too. God does provide.
love n' hugs from up north to you both. The sun shines today but the air is bitter cold. Stay warm in the southeast.