Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Enjoying Life today!

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For today (Wednesday):

I am behind on my paperwork. I do our taxes and haven’t even looked at a tax form, I miss the time when the USPS had stacks of forms & Instructions in the lobby and I could do my rough in pencil, then when I had it ready transpose to a new clean form.

For people who never had the privilege of seeing all those forms, they would not appreciate how much the Government (IRS) saves now with the internet forms. I would bet over 50% of those printed forms were thrown away, not to count the manpower it took to transport that stuff to ALL Post Offices.  Maybe Evelyn or Don, who worked for the PO for a long time, will tell me (if they are old enough to remember)! LOL

We also have our Florida absentee ballots for the primaries to fill out and send in.

I must also look at the Medical ins. Stuff that is lying around. The hospitals are months behind for us. We just got the Ins statement for Sherry’s (SMALL OPERATION???) The total cost was over $13000.  We are not used to seeing that size bill. Imma wondering what my ‘little’ visit to the Emergency Room will be. LOL 

Yeah, I feel much better and slept like a baby after a warm bottle last night, so I feel like griping. It is much better not to have a feeling that  PAIN is about to jump out from under the Hydrocodone, Ibuprophen, Acetaminophen, and Aspirin I was using. ;-).

You can see I am back to complaining, with a smile. I feel much better, NOT thinking I am dying with cancer! That was an odd ‘thing’ for me. I normally look on the bright side but I did slip to the morbid for a few days.
Could I be wrong????  Nah! I’m OK!

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts, y’all are good friends. Imma stick around to bug y'all! You too Evelyn!

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Mevely317 said...

Yep, when Tom became his old cantankerous self I KNEW he was feeling better.
One of my first 'real' jobs was working for a two-man CPA firm in West Texas. Practically one entire wall of the library was outfitted with built-in shelves to house all the differing forms; and what we ran low on, I'd run up to the Post Office for more. Pre-computers, those were the days I'd have to type in triplicate. (Bet Sherry remembers that awful carbon paper?) Because I'd have to type our EIN on every return, ALL these years later I can still remember #75-1441303. (How's that for useless information? LOL.)

I'm so happy for your peace of mind!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nice to see you are feeling back to normal. So glad you had it wrong and your doctor set you straight. Now take your time catching up on all that paper work. We wouldn't want you to have a set back. I do remember all the forms being available at the post office. When I was at the library last week there were people there trying to find some and they were checking the internet. how times have changed. Yes much simpler now. no matter they still have to be paid.

yaya said...

So glad you're better! Being grumpy could be a very good sign! I send off all our stuff to the accountant but one day when Jack quits we may be able to do all that stuff ourselves. I just put all the paperwork together to send it out. I always hold my breath that we'll get something back in the form of a check! Ha! Have a good rest of this week!

Rick Watson said...

I'm glad you're feeling better Jack. The cost of healthcare is insane.
I haven't started on our taxes yet either, but I do remember the forms in the post office.

betty said...

Even though the IRS does most things online, when we got our taxes done at H&R Block, we got printed out forms of it. I guess they assume not everyone will have access to a computer in case they have to reference them? Glad you continue to be on the road to improvement and you are less stressed with what a potential diagnosis could have been, but thankfully wasn't!


Chatty Crone said...

Jack - you are only human - we all worry about our health at times.

So you drank a warm bottle of what and slept like a baby?

Glenda said...

So happy to hear you're feeling better! Now this will give you a sour face; I already got my IRS refund, I had extra $ withdrawn from payroll last year, they only giving me back what I withheld --- but hey, I'm happy to see it :) Y'all have a great day, hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Dar said...

Hate filling out all the forms and hate more, paying all the medical bills. Thank God for pretty good ins. and supplements. So glad the warm ' bottle ' helped you rest easy. When I get worried about our health, sometimes all we can do is ' turn it over ' to the good man upstairs. Stay healthy and off the morbid side.
loven'hugs from up north where this gloomy day is supposed to bring more snow....I'm SOOOOOOOOO over it !!!

Jean said...

I've been here in Birmingham since Tuesday evening I had an appointment with my heart doctor at 1:15 yesterday, but things didn't turn out that away. I ended up in the ER for eight hours a long story and a night in UAB hospital
I'm doing fine and hopefully get back home tomorrow. My heart valve is doing good after all the test Ive had this pass year and surgeries i hate to see what my bills will be. So for insurance has paid everything. I hope you can find the problem and get it fixed. I always hated tax time as hard as we worked I don't remember ever getting back.much money and we didn't claim our children until.We filed.the tax returns. And i heard someone say he got back $10.000 this year makes me upset. Take care, Jean