Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Good trip with bumps

Autos of beauty
                                              Zorro hiding
I saw this guy gassing up and started to yell "Hey RICK" Then realized I was still in Florida.

For today:
My stomach hasn’t been happy for a few weeks now. It started telling me loud and clear in the past few days. We did arrive in Belmont at a good time. Weather has been in or near 70s in the day time. 

I had about 200 feet of gutters to clean and last fall’s leaves to chop up and blow some. It is starting to look shipshape again.

Oh yes, Funny thing about Stormy and Zorro. At first they were both stand offish and I couldn’t tell them apart. But within an hour Stormy was letting me pet her and I realize the smallest black car was Stormy. That Zorro is twice the size of his mama in weight. Hie head is much bigger. The closest he has come is 4’. I keep telling him what he used to do, such as climb all over me. BUT he is a real feral cat, any movement, and he darts. I left the basement door up about 4” last night and they both came in to eat.

                 Zorro always is on the other side of mama
When I went out this morning and saw them running toward me, mama in front, baby following behind was funny.  Still the same except baby is big! LOL

I think they also brought a couple friends but I haven’t looked at the film close.  I am typing this entry in hopes I will get the glitch about blogger fixed.  I decided to make a note on FB, and found a problem there also, but finally got to make a comment.

Anyway we are home. I have a confession to make when I know we can communicate. LOL I am possibly one of the most gullible dudes around. Will let you know soon. It is about a scam (I think) will let you  know if this posts. It is sorta nice to be in a house, but it doesn’t thrill me a lot. It doesn’t move. ;-)

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yaya said...

Welcome home! Glad you made it safe and I'm also glad those kitties are good too. I'm sure they will both warm up to you soon. Scams are everywhere and they prey on good hearted folks like yourself. Have a good rest of this week!

bobbie said...

I'm glad you arrived home safely, and that your friends hadn't forgotten you!
Welcome home ~

Lisa said...

Haha, at first, I really thought that WAS Rick!
WOW Zorro is big! Im glad Stormy finally caught your scent and reconnected. Maybe she will have a talk to Zorro tonight and explain who you are. Haha.
Oh and unless Stormy is fixed, Zorro will be a daddy too. Just sayin.

Thanks for bringing some of that Florida weather with you.

betty said...

They look so good, Jack! I'm glad Stormy warmed up to you! She was just letting you know she wasn't happy that you "abandoned" her for so long! Hoping you'll feel better soon! Not good to be under the weather especially if you are back home!


Chatty Crone said...

I am glad Stormy was there - she even remembered the food!
Hope your stomach gets better.
So tell me are you home for good - or are you still going to go on the road again?

Jean said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, it has been a stormy day here today I hope it clears up soon I seem to get depressed with all this rain. Glad to hear Stormy and Zorro were waiting for you. Take care, Jean.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good to see your furry friends were glad to see you and welcomed you home. It would be confusing with Zero now being bigger than Stormy though. Hope you start to feel better. That's a long time for an upset tummy. Take care and don't work too hard now that you're home.

Dar said...

I sure hope you're feeling better quick. Not fun being under the weather. The feral cats look healthy so they do well on their own. So the ' house ' doesn't move...LOL...woke me up a little with a real chuckle. Have a great home-coming
loven'hugs from up north where it's bitter cold 2 mornings in a row...I thought we could be done with winter....God has such a sense of humor. Bill's eye checked out ship-shape so he doesn't go back for til next year...YEAH. Feel better, my friend.

Mevely317 said...

Oy! My comment just up and disappeared!
I didn't realize when you wrote (Facebook) about the computer challenges and said you felt sick, I presumed (wrongly) you meant sick at heart. Sorry!

Zoro's attitude must have been disappointing for sure. Hopefully he'll soon realize you aren't going away anytime soon and take a page from his little momma.


it's nice to see the kitties. so sweet. glad you are home again. feel better soon.