Friday, February 21, 2020

How bad can a Virus Pandemic be?

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Did you ever hear of the 1918 Virus Pandemic?

Strange, both Sherry and I never heard our parents mention it, and they were in their late teens at that time. I just read that 675,000 USA residents died of the Spanish Flu.

 Percentage wise, that would be like 2,145,000 dying today. No accurate counts were made worldwide but estimates were from 20 to 50 million people died . OUCH that sorta brings into focus why some scientists and doctors worry when something like this Corona Virus shows its ugly head.

YES, Mass graves in the USA, This was in Philadelphia:
Of course I remember the polio fears. I also remember when we had a rash of rabies and every loose dog, cat, and wild animal, when seen in town, was killed on the spot. Fear drives a hard bargain.

I have been known not to take things serious enough, it is my nature. I don’t usually have a lot of fear; I have been sort of a daredevil most of my life. BUT you don’t reach your 80s by tempting fate unless you think the odds are on your side. An Example: I would never scale a sheer rock wall or see if I would get hurt by jumping off a 30 ft building.

This is NOT about the CoronaV, BUT........
 I have had some strange, scary thoughts since my stomach has been reminding me it is down there. I NEVER worried about ulcers, strokes, cancer or heart attacks; BUT since Sherry and I have heard opinions from two ‘real’ doctors concerning CAT scans……..  The first said nothing showed up on the scan of my stomach, NOTHING and he named over everything.

The next walk-in at the VA; In conversations Sherry mentioned they found no signs of cancer on the CAT scan. That Dr. smiled and said, “Cancer will not show up on the CAT scan unless it is a mass.”  He is the Dr. who is referring me to the GI specialist. I have not seen anyone else yet, still waiting. I do have an appt with my real Dr. Monday!

Both Drs mentioned my age……. The body changes with age…. SOOOO.... 

 I ain’t never worried about any of this stuff before….. BUT yep, this time my mind REALLY wonders. It is even scary when they talk about a colonoscopy. At about this age my best friend bled to death after his large intestines were punctured during a colonoscopy.

Of course like any military guy, I will follow orders……  LOL Given by 1STSGT Sherry!

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PS:  Sorry, I am getting too wordy again… Imma do better.                  


Chatty Crone said...

My grandparents were in it - they lived in Indianapolis. I remember my grandmother saying she lost all her hair. It was supposed to have been horrible!

Jean said...

Grover had cancer surgery in 1999 the only sign he had was he pass some blood he wasn't having any pain. Kidney stones can cause bad pain I've never had them but he did. I would think it would show in a CT scan though. I hope you find the problem. Yes as we get older we seem to have more to worry about. Now it's my new heart valve replacement so for its still working.(smile). Take care, Jean.

Mevely317 said...

I never heard of the Spanish Flu; my word, those photos are heartbreaking!

Unlike you, I've always been a bit of a 'worry-wart' … any little thing and I'm going to the worst-case scenario.
While I don't blame you for 'going there', I will share what Tom's oncologist told him at the outset: "If this was 5 years ago, you might well have a different outcome." And gosh, that was back in 2013! The strides they're making in medicine are nothing less than Ah-mazing. (Nevertheless, you're in my prayers.)

NanaDiana said...

I have faith you are going to be fine. My stomach 'acts up' from time to time and then I have periods when it doesn't bother me at all. God's not ready to deal with you 'up there' just yet (in my humble opinion). lol
Lord love ya, and I am praying for both you and your sweet Sherry. xo Diana

Rick Watson said...

My stomach is one of my weak points. Every now and then my has a hissy-fit. I had a young doc that prescribed a state of the art drug with a copay that could have bought a Toyota. I could tell no difference.

I went to an old doc in the urgent care near where I live. He prescribed sucralfate. There was no copay because it's an OLD drug.

Within a few days, my stomach was in great shape.

Our bodies do change. But as your friend, I will not allow your stomach to have something bad wrong with it. Tell the doc to find someone else to menace.


betty said...

I do remember hearing about the Spanish Flu. So much has changed for the better since that time that I'm hoping the Coronavirus won't migrate into something that deadly. I haven't read much about it or kept up 100% with it but what briefly I did read said it was important to keep up with normal hygiene with hand washing, etc. I wouldn't be one to travel these days :)

Good that you are keeping up with what the doctors are recommending as far as appointments, etc. I've typed many a colonoscopy report and the majority of people weather them greatly with no complications. If you need one, think of yourself as the majority and not the minority :)


Susan Kane said...

Just checked out Spanish flu pandemic numbers. 200 millions I think. One entire village in northern Alaska died. They were buried and concern was that melting would activate the virus.

Always obey the officer in charge.

Lisa said...

I never heard of the Spanish Flu. These out breaks put a lot of fear in people . It is also at the top of everyones mind of the possibility of terrorist hits with diseases and death in the air. I am sort of a germ phob. I have a thing about public seats. I will sit on the edge of them and never put my head back on them and I dont touch door handles without my sleeve. If HAVE to open a door with my bare hands, I will grab my sanitizer from my purse. Store buggys, I will wipe down and cover with one of those produce bags. I also take a hug over a handshake.
I think you are going to be fine with you tummy but its always good to make sure.

Well wishes.


you hang in there. i know what living with pain is like. hopefully they'll get to the bottom of this stomach problem soon. take care.

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