Thursday, February 27, 2020

Remembering Susie Geneva Hawes Harris

Things of beauty

Above is the National below is the Buckmobile both produced 1904, the year Susie was born. Evidently the Buck was the poor man's car. LOL

For today, (Thursday) a repeat subject:
Over 55 years ago we sat in the family room of Sherry’s Sister Lennie’s home, talking and joking.  Susie, Sherry’s sweet mama was sitting there. She had fixed breakfast for her hubby Wiley. Then cut his and our Son Mark’s hair and walked over to Lennie’s.

That lady was a worker. There was a time in the 30-40s timeframe that Sherry’s dad Wiley cut the mill hill men’s hair half price to the barbers down town. Someone reported him. He really didn’t think he was breaking any laws, but he quit. Then Susie picked up the clippers to save money by cutting her sons hair and branched out herself to cutting hair and never stopped.

 Biloxi, MS, Susie traveled down to be with Sherry when she gave birth to Jack Jr.

Susie Geneva Harris was a model lady and Christian. She never complained nor gossiped. She was a wise and canny financial manager. I have mentioned here before, that on a Cotton Mill Salaries she had 3 homes built and paid for. When she passed away she had given one away, rented one and they lived in one. Probably less than one in a thousand cotton mill workers ever owned a home.

Sherry & her mama, they used one of the photo Kiosk on the beach, Susie loved the beach whether the Atlantic or the Gulf.

That morning over 55 years ago at 61 years young, Susie’s hand went to her chest, she gasped and lay over. I did my best to apply CPR, but it was a massive heart attack and my efforts were fruitless. She left in the presence of a lot of her family. That was the first death I experienced up close. 

Strange, when you get OLD you realize how young 61 is.  Since then we have faced many deaths in our family, but none as poignant at Susie’s, there, one minute talking and the next in the presence of her Lord.

I have attended many funerals, but when my dad preached Susie’s funeral his words still ring-out, he said to the family, “You will always miss Sister Harris, she loved you all. BUT if you could see her now you could not get her attention. She is in wonder of God, her Savior, and heaven. She is safe and happy!”
When you reach the age of 80 you realize there are more folk on the other side that you knew, than with you now. Yep, I remember a pretty pug-nosed woman, when she laughed she laughed all over. The Best mama in law a guy could have. I know she now Rests in Peace that Sweet Susie Geneva Hawes Harris.

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 PS: I cannot remember a lot of things, important things, like my mama’s BD nor the date she died. Sherry keeps a short journal daily, dating back to the Discovery of America by Columbus, 1492! The journal is on paper and in her head.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great tribute to a wonderful woman. People like that can never be forgotten. DDH died of a massive heart attaci so I can relate to how fast it all happens. One minute theee, one minute not and nothing can be done. It's wonderful to think of our loved ones being in heaven. No more pain, no more tears for them. We could only hope we meet then on the other side.

Mevely317 said...

I can attest, 61 years 'old' sounds awfully young. I don't recall having seen that beach kiosk photo before; what a dazzling smile!
Jack, you go on telling us about Susie all you like; I never tire of reading good stuff. It's like medicine for the soul!

Micheal Alexander said...

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betty said...

Even though it is sudden and "out of the blue" I think God is merciful when he calls his saints home the way he called Sherry's mom home. I often prayed when my mom was alive and getting in her 80s that she would die peacefully, basically fall asleep here on earth and wake up in heaven. Sherry's mom was indeed a blessing!


Dar said...

You and Sherry were so blessed to have Sherry's sweet mama in your lives. I loved the beach picture. Beautiful and so obvious the girls were having fun.
My dad went quickly like minute laughing reading a joke and saying laughter really is the best medicine, to sliding out of his chair never to return to life on earth. You're right tho. They Do now Rest in Peace. What a lovely tribute to your Sherry's sweet Mama.
loven'hugs from up north where the sun is shining as it finally warms the day again. Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend our dear friends.