Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Stranded Airline pilot

This was the first plane of a flyin at a Maine Airport. Some may know the fighter plane, maybe Tom? I admired pilots.

For Today, Thursday the 6th
I just made an entry referring to pilots, The Tuskegee Pilots. Coming home I usually stop at the Flying J to fill up with diesel because it is not good to let a vehicle stand with a low fuel tank. I felt terrible and I told Sherry I would NOT stop, then decided just a mile ahead, YES I will stop.

I had finished  fueling and a man stood in front of my coach pointed to my NAVY tag and gave me the thumbs up. He asked to talk.  He was headed to Lake Mary,FL. He was an airline pilot and was moving from PA to Sanford Airport. He and his wife and 17 month old baby were using a UHaul and car. It was a very heart touching story. All their money, credit cards and ID had been stolen. He had just filed a report with the local police. But now he was BROKE.  The police advised them to drive back to Charlotte and spend the night in a homeless shelter, and iron this out tomorrow. 

He had been in the USMC, at one time was a DI, etc. we had a lot in common (?). If I could help them out, with some funds  He would FED EX the money the next day. The gas for the UHAUL and other vehicle would be about $500. I dug into my wallet and took out the $250 I had put back as mad money. Asked sherry what she had & added $80.

Still not enough, so to the ATM I drew out the max $200. (I had never used  one of those ATMs at the truck stops, did you know it cost $3.95 to get $200?.... Except to help someone I would never pay that!) YEP at the time I felt very good. Thinking that if I had went with my feelings and not stopped here, the nice guy and family would have been stranded. I enjoy helping folk.  We are not rich  but we do not owe anyone except to the gov't as TAXES. 

You guessed it. No phone call, no FEDEX, but it was a great story! He did not know we had lived 5 miles from the Sanford Airport which makes it so much more believable. LOL 

Mr. Woods, if that is his name, has this blog address, our e-mail,  addresses and phone numbers we could easily be reached. We even talked about my first girlfriend being a Woods.

Anyway, we came home broke and sick. LOL We will not to lose sleep over this, just disappointed to be taken in by a con-man. I was telling son-Jack about this and remembered the OTHER con-man who was my painter when I was a contractor, he used the USMC connection also.  Marines are 'brothers', Most prior military guys are very trustworthy, HOWEVER.......LOL 

God is Good, Anyway that is our story and we may as well stick to it. LOL I hope one day before Mr. Woods meets his maker, or a mean con-man, he straightens out his life. 

Nite Shipslog

PS: Now with such a sad long story, you are sorry I got back online ain't you?  LOL 

PS2: I am still hoping something else came up and the man was delayed in sending the money. Life is good, even if you are sick.


Woody said...

Well, Glad to see your Back on line, My last name is (Wood) with out an S, I tell people I am one tree nor a forest ! WoW, Hate to hear of a Rip Off, Well, like you said, maybe the money will come in the mail ! Sorry !!
You an Sherry got a Big Heart, are good Christian People, and did what you felt was needed. I do hope you have notified the Police on this ! Take Care, Blessing from the Stormy North, Love Gary an Anna Mae

Jean said...

Sorry this happen to you and Sherry, as we know there are a LOT of these kind of scammers out there. I hope he was an honest guy and will repay your money back. I would have just let him have what I had on me and let him scam someone else for the rest. ( Yes that's mean of me) I don't think I would have let him know that I could get more. Glad you are safe back home, still raining here. Jean

Mevely317 said...

What an AWFUL person; I'm so sorry this happened to y'all! I wonder if the Flying J wasn't able to capture footage on their surveillance camera(s) and share with the police and/or other truck stops along the interstate to BOLO.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey you never know if someone is being honest or not. You did right. If someone needs to con like that - they have a real problem. Maybe someday he will remember what you did and change. We were conned a year ago with a computer guy. Never good.

betty said...

Oh wow, Jack, that was terrible what happened to you and Sherry! I would have probably done the same and helped them. What is sad about it is you've now developed a wary eye so if you hear another story down the line you'll be less likely to help and that might be a legitimate one! Let us know if he does come through and you get your money back! Hoping you are feeling better now!


yaya said...

Ouch...they target older folks because they know most are good people and easily taken in. We've been approached at the turnpike gas stations in the past. Jack usually just gives them $20 and that's it. He's nicer than me..I would just say no. Unfortunately, I trust no one unless I know them. Jack just says, the right or wrong is on their shoulders now. You are good and generous so I know Karma will find that young man. Hope you feel better soon.

Lisa said...

Hey Jack, you did what you thought was the right thing to do. What he does with it is on him. Good things will come back around to you. I can read a con when they approach me so I do say “no’ a lot. Just go to Walmart and watch how busy the parking lot is with pan handlers. I have heard some really sad stories and wet eyes but I still say no. They will catch you off guard and make you feel guilty. When you have time to think about their actions, you can see what they are doing. You and Sherry are so sweet and what yall did was honest love and caring hearts.

What if he was Jesus in disguise.

Rick Watson said...

I’ve actually had a similar con that a woman tried to play on me.
Something told me something wasn’t right. When I told her that I was short of funds but that my brother who was a county deputy lived nearby and that he would bring some money, she didn’t have time to wait.
Every day is a school day, but I would not let one bad apple spoil good-hearted intentions. There are a lot of people in need who are not out to rip you off.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You were such a good guy to help them out. Something I'd never do. I'm to afraid after hearing lots of stories like yours. Hopefully they'll make good on their promise to pay you back even though it hasn't happened yet. It's hard to find good people in this old world of ours, but we live in hope that they are out there I hope you are much better soon. Maybe it is time to see a doctor. Love from cold and snowy Ohio

Dar said...

If this fella doesn't come clean, then the Good Lord will see he has his day. So sorry you got taken of your good intentions. Lets hope there is a heart there and he sends what he borrowed in good faith. I know Your heart was in the right place.
love n' hugs from up north where it's warming out of the minuses after a few days and the snow is slowly drifting to the ground again. Have a safe weekend.....and beware

Glenda said...

OH, NO!!! I'm sorry to hear this and agree with the above comments. You would have felt worse if you'd driven off and said "Good Luck Buddy". Today's world is so different than the one we grew up in; there are many people who are devious, can spot a "sucker" and it sounds like this guy has all the tools to pull off this con....wife and child...comrades in arms. It sucks, and I've been there, as of just recently. I really like Rick's response and am going to write it down, if a guy is standing there with a $7/pack of cigarettes in his hand and want's to borrow to feed his four year old, I'll open the pantry but NOT my wallet, did that three times and he's never put pavers in place as agreed. I do hope you feel better, maybe Jackie, Jr. has information about a "cleanse" to see if that would help. Love you generous and kind friends, stay vigilant and be well. Glenda


con men like that prey on seniors and take advantage. it is a sad story for you, stuck without money yourselves. a lesson to be learned by all of us, for sure. you know what they say about karma. i hope no more bad fellas come into your lives. you are good, honorable peole who helped somebody, you thought was in need. its just such a disappointment to know you got taken. hang in there and beware.