Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Dr. Jack (trial and error expert!)

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For today Thursday:
I had an appointment in the VA GI clinic next month, I just cancelled it. I feel pretty good health wise but I know I am in the vulnerable age group for this virus. It just didn’t seem right to go to a hospital with more sick people around when I am NOT sick at this time.
I am so proud of Doctor Coutts at the VA. After my scare at the Emergency room and a walk in care unit with no success; he did good. When I went into his office, within minutes he had diagnosed my problem, and taking the meds he prescribed that night I had relief and have not suffered again. He eased me onto the pills at a half pill for a week then the whole pill. I did that for a few weeks then, the dr. that I am, I started on the half pill for a week then off all together. It has been a couple weeks and all is well with no meds.
I am a no med kind of guy; he will chide me on my next visit. I am hoping I never have that much pain again. But his meds are good for a year and I am holding them ‘JUST IN CASE.’  LOL
It was hard for me to picture Doctors like other professions. Take auto mechanics as an example. Two mechanics with the same experience time, same tools can be as different as night and day. One can still be ‘Easter-egging’ (hunting a problem), while the other might say, ‘We need to pull that head, you have a bad valve in either cylinder 5 or 6.’ And he will be right.
I have a friend who constantly says, “There had to be a Doctor in every class, who was last, lazy or there for the money!” I agree, I say about my teachers in school. I think every teacher I had was dedicated, but I remember 3 that kept me on the edge of my seat, and I learned. I wish I had had an English teacher that could have inspired me. LOL I needed that. I am good with math, but hey, calculators are better. I need an English calculator. LOL
Sorry to waste your time but thanks for coming by.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't blame you for cancelling the appointment, who wants to catch something if they don't need too. Many doctors have cancelled appointments on their own. I know a few people that have had that happen lately. Glad you are feeing good again and don't need the pills, but yes, good to hang on to them, just in case. Maybe a phone call to the doctor would assure you are doing the right thing. It is amazing the difference in doctors. Last one I went to didn't do anything herself but sent me to 5 other doctors for their expert opinions. Specialists,I guess in their field. I never went back to that doctor agin. I want a doctor than can do something for themselves. Car mechanics and doctors are a good comparison, both fix things so they work again, Some are definitely better than others. Take care, stay home, and stay safe.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't blame you I applaud you - I did the same thing!!!!!!!!!!! No sense going in until we see how things shake out - now that the whole south opened up starting tomorrow....

betty said...

Said this before but the best doctors are vets and pediatricians. Their patients can't verbally express what is going on so they have to rely on what is told to them by others as well as objectively evaluate what is going on. I have worked with a variety of doctors and most were dedicated to what they did. Good you are feeling better and the pills worked! Hopefully you won't need them again!


Mevely317 said...

So glad to hear those pills were (near) a 'magic bullet'!
Trial-and-erroring your meds might be frowned on in some circles, but I think more folks could benefit from listening more to their own body and less to the experts.
Not one to take any unnecessary changes, I just postponed next week's eye doctor appointment to mid-June.

Dar said...

Our dental and eye appt.s were postponed by the doctors. I agree, why go where you know there are sick people when you're feeling good. I'm glad the pills worked for you and yes, good to save the prescription for a year. Also so true about one professional being better than another one. It seems to happen with everything. I'm also guilty of not taking meds when I'm feeling good. The 'first Air Bag' is funny....and probably as useful as some.
love n' hugs from up north where the day was overcast but warming up.

Rick Watson said...

We canceled our routine semiannual appointments this month too. It's too risky right now.

Lisa said...

Im glad to hear that you are no longer in pain. I think you are making a good choice by no going to the doctor right now. “As long as it aint broke, don’t fix it”.

Your blog is never a waste of my time.