Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Staying busy and I ain’t ‘no’ engineer!

 Autos of beauty
  The '64 Corvair. We owned one while in Gitmo. It drove like a sports car. I don't think Mr. Nader should have fought it until he killed it. The sucker did leak oil, LOL
For today (Thursday):

Yeah, I know that is a double negative (Sherry says so!) We  have a large 12x24 deck out back. I keep the lawn mowers and ‘stuff’ under there.

I had the great idea to dry it out with Tarps. So I rigged tarps to shed the water, man it looked good. Looked to me like it would shed water it had plenty of fall and ‘I thought’ support.

I never pictured 50-100 gallons of water finding a way to stay up there. I also didn’t plan on getting soaked when I took a push broom and pushed up on the big bulges, LOL.

I cleared it up and added more supports. The last rain was a deluge; it filled the tarps and my fake roof crashed.

Now it is time to quit child’s play. This calls for serious planning stud walls, a metal roof and a floor. Giving us over 200 sqft of dry storage
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Woody said...

At first sounded like your "Roof" was gonna work, but, alas "The best laid plans of Mice and Men do run afoul !!! Sounds like your gonna get serious on a roof !!! Decks are a great place to store things except they leak !!! Good entry, lets see some pictures on the "New Roof" ! I have just an overhang on my deck ! You and Sherry stay healthy ! Love from the warming up North ! Gary an Anna Mae !

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

One thing always leads to another it seems. Sound like a simple job that went wrong to me. Good luck ! Having a covered deck would be nice so you could have some dry storage area there. Sounds like you must be on a hill there. Ouch on the getting wet. Hopefully you'll find a way to stay dry !

Chatty Crone said...

Boy I love the fact you are not afraid of work.

betty said...

Sounds like a good new project for you to do!! Thankfully you didn't get "rained upon" in the middle of winter. That could be chilling I think!


Mevely317 said...

'Jus checking in to say 'hi'! Hope all that water didn't do a number on your magic earpiece.