Thursday, October 29, 2020

And then there was Pauline

   Cowgirl Truck:

Paula drove a pickup truck...

For today:

If I miss one, please tell me. I have lost some GOOD friends. Rick (Life 101), Fred, Bonnie, Chuck (Dribbles by Chuck), Gary (hubby of Debbie (KY)), Just Bill (Colorado), The Farmer (?), Rose, Jimmy and the sweet Jean of OPP. Now I learn we have lost OUR Sweet Pauline of Texas, the Cowgirl who loved to ride the country roads.

Paula became close to us thru the Blog. Her tales of the backroads she and John traveled were always interesting. Mysteries she would raise about strange buildings, gates, ‘graves in odd places’ and objects that they spied

That lady conversed with cows, rabbits and turtles. A land turtle lived behind her house once. She called it Toby, she fed and talked to him often..

WE met Paula and John at a BBQ place in Pleasanton, TX.

She was a natural poet. She wrote some ‘silly’ poems also. They caught my interest and we talked about it.  She was sweet enough to give me permission to use a few of them in a Children’s book “Toby’s Tales.”

Paula had three daughters she loved dearly, and it was easy to see in her conversations, they loved her also.

I hate saying goodbye to anyone. This media has allowed me to learn a lot. We ‘meet’ many people on the internet we will never see. A few we got to see in our travels. Some disappear and we never hear from them again; that leaves us wondering. I do so appreciate Paula’s daughter allowing us some closure by informing her readers of her passing.  Rest in Peace Pauline and tell Mel hello for us and we too appreciate his service in the Army as you waited for him.


I will always "REMEMBER PAULA" when I see or think of the Alamo.

Nite Shipslog


Please mention someone if I missed them. Or tell someone you miss. Some people were very special, Jean of OPP and Pauline are unforgettable.

I am guilty of searching OBITS in areas where I know someone was from, i.e. Lucy. Joe & Spunky. I still wonder about Lucy, I found Joe's obit and put it on a blog once.


yaya said...

Hi Jack and Sherry. I'm so sorry you lost a dear friend again. I too miss Rick and his wisdom and adventures on his little farm. I've lost a few blog friends too and I'm always glad when somebody lets us know so we don't wonder if they are just not blogging anymore or have passed away. This has been a hard year for many and the losses are so sad. You have good memories with Paula and John and I know those can bring back smiles and comfort. Have a good weekend and say bye bye to October. I know you'll be nice a warm and comfy in your new home. Hugs from Ohio!

Chatty Crone said...

We were good friends too - and we carried on private emails as friends.
She was so incredibly sweet and a wonderful woman.
I will meet her again one day!

Mevely317 said...

I remember your mention of Pauline and her 'cowgirl' poems. Anyone who talks to animals is MY kind of gal. So sorry you (and Chatty) have lost another blogger friend. I hope this post prompts others to make directives "in the event of anything happening to me."

Lisa said...

So sorry to hear of another one of your friends and great blogger passing. I am still missing Rick. It leaves a weird filling when you lose a friend. It all of a sudden feels like you just talked to them yesterday and now the are gone.

Life goes on.

Dar said...

Aww, I am so sorry to hear about Pauline...the turtle lady. She'd feed them bread, she'd call out, toss the bits of bread and they'd come a' swimmin'. Sad to loose another friend. Heaven has another animal lover, fortunately.
Pauline always started her day with a Breakfast Burrito. Reading it on her blog was the first time this northern girl ever heard of one. lol. Bless her sweet self as she rests easy with her Mel.
loven'hugs from up north WI where the sun was such a delight today. It's been a pretty mild fall into winter so far as we're holding out for more.

betty said...

Sorry for the loss of Pauline. This has been a tough year with so many unexpected losses. I do remember you mentioning her here and there on your blog. Let's hope no more are lost for the rest of this year.



the last i heard Pauline had posted a short note that she was in the hospital. I wished her well and told her all of us out here in BlogLand were thinking about her. I had missed her sweet blog. I am so very sad to hear about her passing. She touched our lives in so many ways. REST IN PEACE dear sweet lady. Rest in Peace.

Sheila Y said...

Lot of great folks here in blogland and a lot who will be missed. ❤️
Sending love from Opp, Sheila