Monday, November 2, 2020


 Early interesting Cars:

 From Jim & Shirley's car collection:

Jim mostly collected Studebakers but he had an Isetta too.

For today: (Most photos from the net)

When I was a kid Uncle Clyde and Aunt Ruby were the only Uncle/Aunt couples that had no children. Maybe that was the reason they were ‘Well-Off’.  They both worked in a cotton mill and Uncle Clyde ran a BIG rural paper route with his truck. (It just hit me, how did he ever take time off (vacations or sicknesses). With hundreds of customers, how do you teach someone your paper route so they can fill in?)

The paper-route is beside the point. When we visited their home mama had to practically make me sit on my hands. Aunt Ruby collected Salt/Pepper shakers. To me there were ‘millions of them’. Light houses, cars, houses, kids, animals you name it there was a shape in that collection. In my mind I remember saying what good are they if you can’t play with them?

I brought that up because there was an Estate sale close to us yesterday. Many nice collections:  guns, giant collections of dolls, ceramics, and wall hangings. I am sure they must have been valuable, each item was priced (using the exaggerated term again) there were MILLIONs of price tags (Priced high). We kept thinking, “WHERE DID THEY STORE THIS STUFF?” It was a nice size home but never enough room to display these collections.

So a few moments ago I applied stamps to two letters we are sending ‘snail mail’; Remember when you had to lick stamps.  At the time I applied the stamps, I had a fleeting thought of the giant (to me) stamp collection I had from all over the world.  It was stolen sometime in the 1960s. I wonder; Did I actually have anything of value?

Now I seem to collect things (just STUFF), and the collection is growing back up in NC (and here! LOL). I am SURE that NOTHING (except the few silver dollars) is worth the time to price it. LOL But eventually someone will have to do it.

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Chatty Crone said...

My grandmother didn't have one empty place in her house. We lived in a different state - so when we came up to visit I think she would let me play with anything I wanted - and I did!

Mevely317 said...

I remember novelty salt-and-pepper shakers being all the rage. Matter of fact, my BF gifted me seasonal ones on a couple of occasions.

For a while there my dad was into buying certain coins. I just peeked in the hope chest to see only several remain -- US Proof Set, Indian Head cent collection, Buffalo Nickel and JFK Half Dollars. After a while they began collecting ash trays from their travels. Sadly, none of this interests me. I should ask my son if he wants them?

Thanks for the memories!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

That Isetta looks really interesting. Could you actually fit in there to drive it? I remember growing up and having a "rich" aunt and uncle without children. They had an extensive collection of nautical "stuff" (they lived at the beach) and I was told to "sit on your hands and don't touch ANYTHING!" when visiting.

Susie said...

Jack, I do not collect...but I would be willing to pay people to take my stuff away. LOL Why do we have to have "things"? We spend some of our youth collecting stuff and the rest of the time trying to thin it out. I wish I could be a minimalist. My dad used to say that my mom had 20 pair of purple slacks and the rest were white. LOL. Blessings to you and Sherry. xoxo, Susie

Susan Kane said...

I've been in too many houses where there was just a path to the rooms through stacks of collections. It scares me.

Your old blogger set up makes me so happy. The new one just wasn't you.

yaya said...

I have a few things that my Mother-in-law collected but I try not to collect too much stuff of my own. I do have my silly collection of figurines but I will slowly give those away as time goes on. I used to collect Santas but quit doing that and then gave most of what I had to the kids. Your salt and pepper story reminded me that I do have salt and pepper shakers that look like tombstones! Ha! I'm betting nobody would want those!

betty said...

I think a salt and pepper collection would be cute if one wanted to collect something. I've seen some cute ones for sale at various times. I don't collect anything these days. I like to go to estate sales mainly to see what the house looks like inside LOL but I think they always overprice things which makes no sense. Price to sell and get rid of it is my motto :)


Lisa said...

I remember growing up we had a neighbor that collected salt and pepper shakers. She had so many different kinds sitting pretty in a large curio and on every self in her house. I too wanted to play with them when we would visit. Sometimes I see some old salt and pepper shakers and I think back to her. They would be fun to collect, but then again...what good would they be?

Its cold here in NC

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My grand mother collected salt and peppers and I loved them. I often wonder what happened to them. These days my collectons are smaller than they used to be, there is not much space to store things. So most of them had to go when I moved. It is interesting to see what people do oollect.

Glenda said...

That Isetta of Jim's is an intriguing car, especially for being produced in the fifties; don't recall ever seeing one. Googled and found a classic car dealer selling one for $29,995.00 Kinda think Jim and Shirley paid less than that! I have a few "collections" mostly elephants, but have avoided adding anything to my possessions. Just.too.much.stuff!!! Have a great day, hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Dar said...

I have a nice collection of antique oil lamps and decorative lamps too. I often wondered why I like lamps so much...what I need is an Alladin's lamp to rub !! HA! I'm also partial to birds that look like real birds...and old. I could do without any of these things but they are few and in between so no clutter. LOL, Bill was just saying I sure like collecting . love the cars. If I had the funds, I'd collect 50's Chevy Trucks. and I'd make a flower bed inside the hood of one of them. Have a wonderful evening and week.
loven' hugs from up north where our high today was a perfect 66 degrees. Oh what a beauty of a day.