Saturday, November 7, 2020

Just a little break,

 I'm taking a little break today. Will do church on line again.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day, I think I am coming down with a cold. I don't want to spread it to you  guys.  Hold your breath as you read this.

Hope you  have a wonderful Sunday.  Life is good even with a nose that runs like a faucet.

This has been sort of a strange evening. I started this earlier. Then went out to read from my 'Fire'. I am still reading westerns. I am presently finisning a McCAbe  series by  Dennison(?). I am not thinking too strait.  It was dark. One of the advantages of the fire is reading in the dark (many times as Sherry sleeps). I went out hoping to talk to Lucy. She sometimes comes up while I am there. She seldom talks back.

Tonight after about 30 minutes I stared into the darkness and closed the Fire. When my eyes adjustd there was Lucy. She sat about 4 feet from me. We  talked.   Well I talked and she listened. I also had a stack of napkins which I soaked from blowing my nose.  I wanted to be outside. Whatever I have I do not want my girl to get it.  I left Lucy and am now inside.

I told Sherry I would sleep in the 2nd bdroom. That is actually here in the computer room. She refused. Said she would sleep on the couch;  I should take the bed. I argued, but she was firm.

All our 5 thermometers & 'cold meds' are in the coach, dadgummit.  To the drug store in the morning.

So, Good night.  I'm posting tonight.

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feel better soon. rest, hydrate. a good book is always good for what ails you. take care jack. have sherry make you a big bowl of chicken soup.

Chatty Crone said...

Sherry is so sweet. I just got over a cold - hope I didn't send it to you!

Mevely317 said...

Feel better real soon, Jack! I've got it on good authority, the Lucky Dill makes the best cold fighter, chicken matza ball soup. Does Mark deliver?

betty said...

Hang in there Jack and I hope your cold/illness gets over soon!! Sanitizing my computer screen so I don't catch any germs :)

Seriously, take it easy, get the rest you need, hydrate and do check your temperature when you can. Keep on top of your symptoms and get help if you think you need it.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nice we cannot get your germs over the computer. Hope you are soon feeling better. Rest and get well. Don't forget the chicken soup, it helps us feel better when we have a cold. Take care and get some meds in you.

Lisa said...

Sherry is a good woman. Don’t argue with her especially with motherly instincts. You will not win. Hope you start feeling better soon. This is Cold season and I’m seeing a lot of it going around. If they make you test for Covid, just remember, a cold is a type of corona virus and may come back positive so don’t panic. You will feel better in a few days either way. You are healthy and so is Sherry.

Take Vitamin D3 and C

yaya said...

Take some zinc and vitamin C..and rest and hydrate and get better soon! I smiled at your previous post. We have black walnut trees here at the Pines. I really don't like them and they are super messy in the yard. We had a big older one and sold it for the wood. We still have one by the creek and one or two in the Creepy Woods. I should mail you all the nuts! Take care now!

Dar said...

I just got over a cold too, or one nasty bout of allergies!!! I take zinc and vitamin C faithfully but this time needed the good ol' Alka Seltzer Plus Cold and Flu. It worked in a couple days. Do feel better soon. Get checked if you start to run a fever. Andy just got over 12 days of fever with Covid and 14 days of complete isolation from his family. Not fun. As for those walnuts, my daughter has many trees in her woods and lawn. She keeps fence around the perimeter of the trees where the horses are because the hulls are toxic to them when still green. They do make dark walnut stain tho that takes very well to dry wood. I still have some from 10 yrs ago...a stir and it's ready for another project.
loven'hugs from up north where we are still warm.....and lovin' it. By Tues., it's supposed to snow again and act more like winter...grrr