Monday, November 16, 2020

Wishbone, a bad meal and UNCHAINED

  Early Luxury Cars time forgot:

 Chrysler's Imperial 

For today:

WE eat a lot of chicken. Since we seldom use a whole chicken I never see the ‘Wish Bone’ anymore.  There was a time at our house that Shirl and I loved to get the ‘pully-bone’ (as we called it). She and I would pull it and the one who had the largest portion of the bone got to make a wish.

Wishing was a big thing to kids. At night when we happened to see a falling star, we got to make a wish. There were plenty of other times ‘wishes’ were invoked.

I didn't know there was a game of this!

But the other night I made a REAL MESS of my chicken meal. I took the chicken out and proceeded to put the veggies and broth in the blender to make a ‘great gravy’, I thought. My sweet heart didn’t comment until I asked. Her ‘political answer’ was,  “It is not your best!”

It was so bad the cats would not eat it. Now the chicken itself was still good. LOL.

I wished I had continued as always and thickened the broth. LOL  I could not even pretend I liked it.  I still cannot see why it was so bad, but it was.

Speaking of pretend, Remember the Platters? ('50s singers kids!) I can sing only if I know the words to a song and no one else is around. I have noticed it hurts me to sing in church.  It is from elbows in my ribs (Too Loud, Wrong verse, Wrong song, etc).

If you have time take a listen to a beautiful voice and a song that you can tell the words.

He used my voice………………… Well I can always wish.


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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Better to stick to the tried and true and it sounds like you tried out something new. How disappointing for you. It had to have been bad if he cats didn't like it, considering it was chicken. Better luck next time. The good thing is we always get another chance with each new day!

Mevely317 said...

I remember watching my father carefully remove the wish bone and setting it aside to dry -- until such time he pronounced it ready. Looking back at all the times I "won", I wonder if he didn't cheat. :)

Giggling at Sherry's critique of your gravy. It may not have been your best, but it made for an entertaining blog post!

That's a great video. Tom and I say the same thing all the time about being able to understand the words. Neither of us are fans of what passes for good music these days.

bobbie said...

WONDERFUL video!!!

Woody said...

We still get and cook a whole "Springer Mountain" chicken, we get the wish bone and dry it so we can pull it for the wish ! If I see a Shooting Star I make a Wish, If I find a Penny in a Parking Lot, I pick it up, Make a Wish and then flip it somewhere else for someone else to find it for a wish !
I watched the Video of him singing, WOWZER, what a nice rendition of the song !
Just sitting here watching it Snow ! You 2 take care and sending down Love and Cares ! Gary an Anna Mae

NanaDiana said...

When I was 11 and up until I left home it was my job in the winter to check the cows in the barn before everything got shut up for the night- usually about 10pm. On those cold frosty nights I would look up at the moon (when visible) and thinking of 'the man in the moon' I would wish my dad would get better. He had Parkinson's. Most of my wishes centered on that theme whenever I got a wish.

I will listen to that song when we are done watching the show John has on. Hugs to you both- Diana

betty said...

That was a beautiful video Jack! Truly enjoyed listening to his voice! He has a great one! Sorry about the gravy but I'm sure you'll have a chance down the road to redeem yourself and have it come out better the next time! Always enjoyed the turkey wishbone after Thanksgiving :)


Glenda said...

Thank you for sharing that incredibly beautiful voice, Mom would have loved hearing that one!
As kids, we called the wishbone the "funny bone"...great memory! Love and hugs, Glenda

Lisa said...

We used to fight over the wish bone. Wishes were a big thing. I wonder if kids still make wishes or do they just get everything they want now days? We wished on stars, dandelions and fountains.

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