Thursday, November 24, 2022

Dogs and cats

 One of a Kind:


1953 RAdical Ford Custom

Some thoughts for today:

All my life I have preferred Dogs over cats as pets.  I have had both. But since I have been walking, hands down, it is CATS I prefer.

AT least 8 houses I walk past have dogs behind fences.  They run back and forth behind the fence barking loudly. A few are barking and wagging their tails. BUT some are barking, growling hackles up and NOT wagging tails.

The ones that are attack dogs. Pits or kin to Pits, sorta scare me. Just in the past few days ago, a German Shepherd (which I would prefer for protection) looked menacing as he ran behind a fence. He jumped at the top of the fence and finally got his front legs over before falling back. Shook me up some.

I see about 15 cats, they leave me alone. They don’t hiss, screech, meow or growl at me..  They mostly act like I bore them. LOL

I am thinking of finding an attack cat to accompany me on my walks!




Victor S E Moubarak said...

Dogs are good for protection. We've had German Shepherds, Labradors and other large mixed breeds. They like exercise.

So glad you were safe from that German Shepherd.

Best wishes, Jack & Sherry. God bless.

Mevely317 said...

Can't say why, but I've never much cared for cats. On the other hand, I'm passionate for dogs -- even after having been attacked. (He was sick.)
All that's to say, I don't blame you one bit for being wary of those animals you mention. Unfortunately, everyone doesn't practice responsible pet ownership. Do you, or could you, arm yourself with a little can of spray like what the mailmen carry?

PS - I'm sorry not to have commented last night. After everyone left, I was beyond tired. As ever, I enjoyed what you'd written ... not counting that snake. LOL!

yaya said...

You know I love dogs and over the years have had many. We only had one cat that I rescued who lived with us 14yrs before she passed away. However, dogs I don't know do scare me especially when they act aggressive behind those fences! I was attacked as a little kid by a friend's dog and had to go to the hospital. That had me afraid of dogs for a long time. Maybe that's why I've always rescued little, quiet older dogs! Be careful on those walks. Take some pepper spray just in case one gets out of the fence!