Saturday, November 19, 2022

Walking with Big Bird & mushrooms

  One of a kind:

1955 Chrysler GHIA Streamline

For today:

Florida’s weather allows for so many different species of animals, birds and insects.  Today on my walk I saw a darker form way up the trail. My sight is not great and I couldn’t tell the color. I thought I could be looking at maybe a fawn.

 The closer I got I could see it was a Sandhill Crane.  They are big birds, I seldom see one alone usually 2 or 3.

I had never seen this, big boy was picking a bird feeder.

They have a unique cry, it sounds sorta like a buzz and a bell to me. Anyway the closer I got it started walking away. The bird itself is striking with the Bright red mask.

(This from the net for good color)

I got to within ten feet as we walked and I talked. I asked could I just pass, sucker would not answer.

About 200 ft of walking it flew out over the canal. I thought it was gone. I kept walking and there he was again. We walked and talked for another 100 or so feet then it flew off to hide behind a post on the other side of the canal.

Then flew

(the only other walk with a bird was this pigeon he walked 1/2 mile on the Eastern shore of Virginia)

Mushrooms? Could you recognize one that is eatable?  I sure cannot. Our friends Dar and Mel from the Big “O” family in the woods of Wisconsin raise mushrooms or did. They & Hubbies can tell you every plant and animal around. BUT NOT ME!

We met a man hiking the AT that was cataloging all the mushrooms on the trail. He pointed out a ‘Watermelon’ mushroom as we talked.

From the net:

But I want to show you one. It caught my attention. What do you see?

I see a picture of flowers growing and small clouds in the sky with a dove and crow flying. Imma call this the 'Picture Mushroom', NOT safe to eat, it is ART!

BTW the RED HAT remained in place. I might move it tomorrow.

Thanks for coming this way. Someone said Thanksgiving was near!  I am Thankful for all who stop here....

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Mevely317 said...

Ha! I was going to say that last mushroom looked like a pancake with 3 eyes!
One of the few take-aways from childhood involved a Girl Scout hike. Some 'expert' was explaining how to identify which mushrooms are safe. Supposedly, the more colorful they are, the most poisonous. I don't think I ate mushrooms for 30-40 years thereafter!

Woody said...

Nice Post, My Honey fed the sand hill cranes slices of Bread, grapes and when I cleaned fish they were always there waiting for me to toss them the left over heads and skins. We are in a Snow Event, "Old Fashioned Snow Storm" !! Take Care, sending down love and Prayers from the Snowy North !
.Gary and Anna Mae

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Amazing bird the crane; and so big.

That mushroom is beautiful. Yes, I can see the flowers, clouds and bird flying.

I can easily tell edible mushrooms by name. All you have to do, Jack, is read the labels in the supermarket. They are so good in omelettes. Some can be eaten raw.

God bless you and Sherry.

Chatty Crone said...

I'll give you a hint about mushrooms - don't pick and eat! lol