Tuesday, November 15, 2022

My hiking handicap plus sights and benefits!

  One of a kind:

 1948 Wimille

It is amazing the cars that only a few people got to see! French made by a famous Race Car driver Jean Pierre Wimille.

 For today:

For years and all our hiking Sherry had some problems with ankles and legs.  My biggest problem was burning feet. The soles of my feet would get too hot. I have said it before, the hiking originally was ALL Sherry's idea.

While hiking we once attended ‘Trail Days’ in Damascus, VA. There we chose to attend a ‘Boot Camp’. All you need to know about your feet, support and boots. Sherry got a custom pair of inserts. When I told the manager my problem, he said there is no help for that except ventilation.

I had already left boots behind and went to ‘tennis shoes’; ventilating them by using my knife and making some cuts along the sole and it was helping. I have never hiked in cold weather, if I am successful to try starting in January I guess I will find out if cold weather helps with my ‘burning feet’. LOL

Again today Bud Light wins the litter contest. (I pick them up if there is a trash can hear, Some families leave their trash containers on the road)

(above is also a Selfie, of me and my Tilley hat!  LOL)

Today's walk the sun was out and no wind the canal was flat. 

The ‘occupied side’ view above.

Opposite the canal ‘living side’ is more swamp.


Today I noticed what I always called Elephant Ears in the swamp. And below some greens are brighter than others.

Yes, we do have ‘sketters’ but not much different than back home in the woods.

Most days I get to exchange good mornings with an ‘old man and his son’, it makes my day. The old man is 91 and very crippled; confined to a wheel chair, but his son says ‘Daddy likes to be outside’. The old man has started smiling and giving me a wave before dropping his head again.  Yeah, it makes me smile inside.

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

What a lovely place you have to go for walks. And it is so nice to make an elderly man smile by saying hello or wave.

I did not do any hiking. Just tried climbing Mount Snowden in Wales but got too cold and gave up half way.

God bless always.

Chatty Crone said...

Good luck with your January hike!
Hey you know what Smokey the Bear said was the dirtiest animal?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I never hiked in tennis shoes but I suppose you do what you have to to cool your feet down. Cold weather hiking will make a difference, maybe you can find a good pair of walking boots. I'm one that doesn't like cold feet and I usually wear wool socks in the wintertime. It's going to be much different than walking around there where its warm and sunny !

Mevely317 said...

It's fascinating really, to see what advances are being made in footwear. Sorry they don't apply to your 'burning' but I like the way you think 'outside the box.'
That's sure sweet about the old man's son helping make his dad's days a little nicer. It made me smile inside, too.

Dar said...

Hiking has never been my thing, but I do love walking at a stroll. It's amazing what your minds eye sees, like the tangled bramble looking like elephant ears. My dad would have loved you. After his paralysis, he had one of those motorized wheel chairs he called ' Mr Legs. ' He loved being outside too and always a good visit.
loven'hugs from up north in our snow but not too cold weather....love it !

Woody said...

Nice Place for a walk except for that Snake, I don't mind Snakes as long as they are not near me ! Waiting for the Snow Storm !!! You 2 take care and keep on Posting !! I enjoy them !!! Sending down Love and Prayers from the North ! Gary and Anna Mae