Sunday, November 27, 2022

The metal roof

 One of a Kind:

The GTO conversion 

For today:

I never knew a grandpa, I remember 'seeing' Grandpa Darnell, but do not remember him.  BUT I do remember Great Grandpa Hilly. When we spent the night with him or his son Inman, I remember hearing rain hit the roof and it put me to sleep.  What a peaceful sound that was.

As a builder I never used metal as roofing except on storage buildings. Today metal is more in demand, I think someone decided color and designs would sell more and I think it has. Asphalt shingles are warranted for 20 & 30 years according to the quality. Metal can be warranted from 40 years to lifetime.  Lifetime always scares me, many companies do not last that long. LOL

Questions on homes today…

1.. So you have an opinion on metal and asphalt roofing?

The metal roof?

2.. We still prefer carpet (especially in the bedroom). Hardwood is in demand a lot today, especially the new slap-down synthetic wood. It is very durable and cost effective.

…do you prefer carpet or hardwood?

3. As a rule we have painted the interior of our homes all one color, usually an off-white.  Many customers wanted at least two colors. Usually the kitchen a different color.  Do you have a prefer?

4. Front and rear stoops became popular at the end of my building experience; lately I see a few more porches.  Do you prefer a porch or stoop?

Sherry & I like porches because we spent a lot of time smooching on her front porch. LOL  

That porch held a lot of memories. Above is Sherry and her Brother Vernon in front of the porch. Below is her Sister Lennie & Elmer dating on the same porch.

This is just for fun, my curiosity gets me at times. LOL

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

Most house roofs here in the UK are tiles, made of some cement type thing.

Indoors, people tend to have wall-to-wall carpet, even on the stairs.

Walls are either painted or wall-papered.

You're supposed to take off the old wall paper before you wall paper again with new one.

I don't bother. I wallpaper over the old wallpapers. Been doing it for years. I think the rooms are getting smaller. Either that or I am growing bigger. Or both. The furniture is closer to each other too!

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

Okay, I had to consult Tom before commenting. Re. the metal roof v. shingles? His take is, "It would be hotter than **** in the summer (in Phoenix) and cold as **** in Chicago. I'm sure they've already taken that sort of thing into account, but still. He/we aren't anxious to jump on the wagon. I love our easy-to-clean tile that looks like hardwood, but still prefer carpet in the bedrooms. Paint? I'm LOL-ing to remember, one of the reasons I fell in love with this house, they'd painted the front room a deep burgundy, the den and kitchen forrest green. But before we could put in an offer, I think they thought those primary colors were a turn-off and painted it all white. Oh man, I was so disappointed! We've no porch which makes me sad, but for our price point I concluded you can't always get what you want.

PS - How long are you and Sherry planning to stay in Leesburg? I'm dreaming of a road trip early next year and would love to see y'all!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving - I was in Ohio last week.

I like hardwood.
I like porches.
Regular roofs.
I paint my walls one color but if I had a painter (LOL) I'd do more colors.
Love your memories and your cars.