Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Leroy Lettering set... Just thinking, So, I ask you ???

One of a Kind:

1959 Scimitar 
For today:

I wanted to ask some questions, but I ran across this picture. I am probably the only one who has never seen or heard this about twins. Since Jack & Cindy gave us two great dudes as twins I wanted to show what I ran across....

NO that is not Joshua and Stephen........

Now more for today!

1.. What is something you have, but you should throw it away? …….. but you  probably won’t!

a.  A Slide rule.

b.  A complete ***Leroy Lettering set, an amazing tool for draftsmen of old….

***See the PS if you have not seen how the Leroy worked.

2.  What course in HS or College Did you prefer?

a. Anything to do with Mathematics.

3… Contrary wise, which courses did you like less, and wish you had paid more attention?

a.        Hands down, English. I did enjoy diagramming but was playing on the moon in my head during tenses and usage.  I regret NOT LEARNING the ENGLISH language.

4. Did you ever buy a car due to what was called ‘car fever?’ (Just got to have that one!!!!)

a.  Yes, once I traded a perfectly good Rambler for a 1968 Malibu.

----If you want to, answer one or all.  I was sitting here thinking of that Leroy lettering set in our basement. What a great tool, but useless now with computer printers and transfers.

---The Slide rule I used only in the short time I studied surveying at Gaston Tech (Now Gaston College) 1967-68 time frame.

Nite Shipslog

PS: *** How the lettering worked. There were many pens, sizes, fonts, slants etc in the templates?

A pin C traced the template and the pen E transferred the letter.


Chatty Crone said...

Jack you ought to put them on Ebay or something like that and see if you can sell them!
I loved school. I think my least favorite class of all times was physics and geometry. Loved the rest.
Happy Turkey Day.
My sister had twins too.

Mevely317 said...

Another fun post! He never had one, but Tom remembers the LeRoy Lettering sets. I think Sandie's onto something there about putting it out on eBay.
Okay, I'll play along!
#1 - Old kitchen utensils that belonged to my mother and hers before that. While making banana bread the other day I pulled out an old sifter and sliced my finger on a loose piece of wire. (Do people even sift flower any more?)
#2 - English
#3 - Anything having to do with math or science
#4 - Yep, I convinced my former hubby to sell his 1964-1/2 Mustang and buy my boss' T-bird -- which turned out to be a total lemon.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I would not sell on EBay or online. These are antiques. Obtain a valuation from someone reputable.

The slide rule brought back memories. Dad had one and could use it for his work. I saw the lettering set but never owned one.

I was better at English than Maths but (thankfully) did well at both in school as well as languages. Awful at carpentry, and chemistry. OK at physics.

Thanx for the memories, Jack. God bless you and yours.

Lisa said...

1. A pair of old Toms shoes. I have worn holes in them. I wear them to work in the yard now. Just toss them in the washer after and they make great house shoes. Ha.
2.Heath Occupations. This was two credits so it was 2 hours. We did lots of nurse stuff. Loved it.
3.English/Literature- hated it.
4. Traded my MGB in for a Pontiac Ferro. It was that new car smell.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm not bragging but I excelled in English and History. I love learning about our past. There are no twins in our family. I guess they are only given to very special people. My daughter and her brother, my third son were born so close together it was almost like having twins. They were so close to each other and did everything together. Good post today! Wishing you both a Happy Thanksgiving Day !