Wednesday, January 21, 2009

History is made, But be real, you might LIVE and not die.

This is Sonny, He is presently battling with the Gout, I know Mum (Mort's Mum) and Jun can sympathize.
Sonny and I talking on the patio a couple days ago, now he is back in NC freezing!

I just wanted you so see Shirl's refrigerator. Don't it just make you sick for someone to have a neat refrigerator. I open her refer and I think I am shopping at a Gormet shop or something. You can see everything, no left overs hid to go to waste etc. Freezer is the same.
Now for today in History!

Okay, it is fact now, our New President is Barack Obama. I read his speech, I thought it was good. But then I doubt if any inaugural speech would be bad. I knew he would get out of the Limo, I know the Secret Service Folk hated to see that. They did not publish the number of threats on his life, but I’ll bet there were a few. Anyway, they will celebrate on into the night like every president before them.

Now from History being made, to my today’s important entry.

One reason I plan to do a book on ‘THE FINAL DECISION’, is that I am reaching that age myself. I think we all want to die in our sleep at age 120 with a smile on our face, after a wonderful night of love and sex, but most of Y'ALL won’t have that luxury (LOL). Seniors are being kept alive today through medical wonders, That is not a bad thing. BUT when the mind out lives the body, SOMEONE HAS A PROBLEM. I have friends who swears, keeping us alive is just to have human guinea pigs to work with. Enough knees and hips have been replaced in seniors that the operation should be perfected by now. That is not to say they are not needed. But if we weren’t around, who would they practice on? LOL.
Sonny, My buddy, keeps his Electricians License. He knows he will NOT WORK AGAIN, yet (like me) he pays the renewal fee every year. I keep my General Contractors License up to date, WHY? Probably because when I do not renew them, I will feel like I am through. I am through already, but I find it hard to admit. BUT I will hold the license until I am 76 then quit. Maybe the book is for me as much as other seniors.
Any ideas? Content and Book name. Book name ideas: Last Rites, Final Decision, OLD, Now what?, CRAP, I Forgot to do it, You cannot Redo it, Face it; I am OLD, I have more listed, I want something that snaps attention.
It is a fact of averages, you and your wife/husband are not going to die at the same time, sopmeone is going to be left to handle things.

Nite Shipslog


While we are waiting let’s diet!
Here's the first rule of thumb:
If it tastes good....spit it out.

And remember...If you must have a cheeseburger and fries, always order a diet coke!
Inside me there's a thin person strugglingto get out, but I can usually sedate him with A Tropical Blizzard (from the DAiry Queen)!

You can eat as much as you want on a diet....of anything you don't like!


shirl72 said...

Thanks for showing my refrigerator I'm sure every-one is interested. I guess turning 70 has put your thinking that we may be going over the hill. I took exercise today I moved my treadmill again. I thinking about taking a little more by exchanging my computer chair.
Don't want to do to much in one day.


Randy said...

Hello Mr. Jack,

Looks like you and sonny were having a great time on that patio. You and Miss Shirl Crack me up. As far as the book. I was with my Father and my mother when both their times came and they both struggled with sickness and disease. I just want to go healthy and fast.

God Bless


Paula said...

Shirl would faint if she saw John's frig. Mine is neat 'cause it has nothing in it. I have a friend who was married to a guy who wanted every bottle and can lined up straight in the fridge.

Sheila Y said...

I know that wasn't prune juice I saw in the door?...ha. There was a line in your book about 'all over but the shouting' and it reminded me of an author of a book by the same name. His name is Rick Bragg, if you haven't read him already, he has book about his Grandaddy called 'Ava's Man'. You might like it. Take care, Sheila

betty said...

I love Shirl's fridge! I wish mine was that neat and organized!!

book title --- Taking Charge of Growing Old; Don't Let Old Age Creep Up on You

I'll have to do some more thinking about this but I do love your idea for the book


Debbie said...

Grasping Dignity Gracefully or
Gracefully Grasping Dignity

That is the first thought that hit me when I read this. I'm running behind on reading journals and just skimmed the surface. Will be back to later to catch up.


Anonymous said...

How does she do that? Does she not cook? or eat? My refrigerator has 5 different kinds of pickles and 4 different kinds of mustard! And I have a 2nd refrigerator to hold the leftovers and extras! Lindie

Debbie said...

I'm jealous of the fridge mine is much smaller so it's a tight squeeze sometimes but I won't complain it's been a good one and we bought it used.

My Dad had a hip replacement several years ago among many other surgeries along the way. His doctor told him his was a perfect fit and he told Dad that is unusual.

My father in law had a very sharp mind for his age. Most of the folks in the facility he was in didn't have. Believe me it was obvious that they didn't like a resident being able to speak up for themselves and to be able to tell a family member things that were going on.